10 airlines affected by massive flight cancellations this summer


10 airlines affected by massive flight cancellations this summer

European experts analyzed the activities of air carriers for punctuality and schedule compliance in the summer season 2022 and compiled a list of the ten largest airlines in Europe with the highest share of canceled flights.

According to the analysis, almost 9,000 flights were canceled between July 17 and August 30, 2022. Thus, on average, two out of every 100 flights scheduled by Europe's top 10 airlines did not take place.

“Lufthansa, one of the companies most affected by staff shortages and strikes, tops the list of carriers with the most cancellations : a total of 2,521 scheduled flights were canceled over this short period, — according to a press release on the analysis.

Swedish Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) and Dutch KLM Royal Dutch Airlines are next on the list with 812 and 628 canceled flights, respectively.

Top 10 leading airlines in terms of missed flights

Lufthansa — 3.69% or 2,521 canceled flights

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) — 3.4% or 812 canceled flights

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines — 2.64% or 628 canceled flights

Eurowings — 2.47% or 835 canceled flights

Tap Air Portugal — 2.01% or 379 canceled flights

British Airways — 1.79% or 755 canceled flights

Hungarian Wizz Air — 1.61% or 591 canceled flights

Easy Jet — 1.34% or 1482 canceled flights

Air France — 1.23% or 561 canceled flights

Spanish Vueling — 0.84%, or 417 canceled flights

It is interesting that despite the hype surrounding the canceled Ryanair flights last summer, the low-cost airline managed to “get out of the water” practically dry. It canceled only 0.5% of its flights, thus occupying the 14th position. 

According to experts, it is the cancellation of flights that is one of the main reasons for tourists to worry when booking tours for the summer of 2023 of the year.  

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many airlines and airports laid off their staff in 2020, which has become a real problem for them after the lifting of flight restrictions. The remaining staff found it difficult to cope with the large flow of passengers this summer, they went on strike repeatedly, as a result of which dozens of flights from different cities of Europe were canceled on some days.

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