2019 Failing Schools List: 9 Mobile County schools don’t make the grade

The 2019 Alabama Failing Schools List has been released by the Alabama State Department of Education and includes 9 Mobile County Schools.

The failing schools this year are:

  • Ben C Rain High School
  • Booker T Washington Middle School
  • Calloway Smith Middle School
  • Mobile County Training Middle School
  • Morningside Elementary School
  • Pillans Middle School
  • Chastang-Fournier Middle School
  • CF Vigor High School
  • Lillie B Williamson High School

Blount High School, Scarbourgh Middle School and Leflore High School were moved off the list year and Calloway Smith Middle School and Morningside Elementary and Pillans Middle School were added.

Friday afternoon superinteindent Chresal Threadgill issued the following statement:

We are disappointed that any of our schools made the list. We have been reviewing the test scores this is based upon for several months now and most of the schools had improved. We are making progress.

This summer we began a transformational process at these and several other schools. We are collaborating with the state to utilize some of their expertise to assist us in this process. We also have assembled our own Transformational Teams that consist of experts in areas ranging from curriculum to facilities who are going into these schools and assessing their individual needs so we can be prescriptive in our approach.

Some of the measures we are taking include strenuous instructional interventions, providing more professional development for our teachers, and working on student motivation and accountability.

We will continue to make progress. And we will get these schools off the list.

See the full list here.

State law requires the state education department every year to come up with a list of the bottom 6% performing schools in the state on standardized testing.

The list has been compiled since 2015 and since that time 3 Mobile County Schools have been on the list each year: Booker T. Washington Middle School, Williamson High School, and Vigor High School.