A good holiday in the Egyptian “four” is not a myth: a review of New Year's Charm


The reader of “Subtleties” Marina Akbasheva, like all of us, wanted to have a good rest and budget. It seems that she succeeded: “We were going on vacation for a long time, but everyone either didn’t have time or money. Difficult year, terrible and very difficult. In December, we decided to fly at any cost, we really needed a reboot, because we don’t know what the year 2023 has in store for us. Of course, I believe in the best, but it is necessary to gain strength. We watched Turkey, but I wanted a warm sea, Cuba is very expensive, Thailand is not for seals, like us, you need to move, walk, hang out there. And my husband and I needed only a warm sea, food and lie down, ”says the tourist.

The agency helped us choose a hotel

We tried to choose for a long time, but constantly rushed about. Either the reviews are too good (suspiciously), or they are too bad. One in the picture, another in real life. It is easier for inexperienced tourists in a travel agency: you name the price, 5-7 hotels are selected for you within these limits.

We stayed at the Grand Oasis Resort 4* in Sharm

The manager praised him the most, said that she and her family had returned from this hotel this year, so she tells first-hand. Of course, I didn’t really believe: no matter how you come to the agency, everyone just returned from this very hotel, which the tourist is watching 🙂 But the girl described everything in detail and to the point, so we decided to take a tour.

Everything said and told was confirmed by 100 %. Think advertising? Your right. The hotel is really super, completely unexpected for the “four”.

And who will deal with these stars in Egypt? Some hotels overestimate, some underestimate, do not understand. But I will say for sure, Grand Oasis Resort is a completely atypical “four”.1/1

Tour for 8 nights — 111 thousand for two

Tour operator “Biblio Globus”. Departed with a delay of 2 hours, not critical, they were afraid not to fly away at all. There are no surprises with return flights. They settled immediately, 4 hours earlier than the scheduled time, the administrator could not do without baksheesh.

At once about the cons, about who should not consider this hotel for recreation: firstly, those who need the Internet, who want to work, stay in touch, browse social networks.

There is no Internet here, don't even try, just decide for yourself: there is no Internet here – that's all. Forget about social networks, work and news and enjoy your vacation.

Another minus is that the numbers are not very fresh. Not “killed”, but already seen the views. But the cleaning is perfect, the plumbing is all new, so it's not so conspicuous. But if you like rooms with modern furnishings, you might be disappointed here. We had a pool view room: no noise as it is not popular with holidaymakers.

Another moment that may be for some important

At the end of December, a third of the guests in this hotel are citizens of Ukraine. They don’t clash, they don’t squint, but they don’t get into friends either. Everyone rests on their own. Political topics are strictly prohibited in the hotel. Upon arrival, the staff politely makes it clear: no politics, no news, no negativity – just relaxation.

The hotel area is green and well-groomed! 5+ for gardeners!

Our public utilities should learn! The urns are inconspicuous, always clean, the lawn is perfectly green, the best time for watering is chosen (I am an experienced gardener, I know). There are many recreation areas, benches in the right places, paths are made for convenience, and not just for beauty.

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Food is also excellent

Seafood , fresh juices, fruits, grilled meat. There are simpler dishes, there are exotic and colorful ones. We are very satisfied. I am not so familiar with alcohol, I always take a Martini at the airport, I have enough for the whole vacation.

There are few children in the hotel, maybe now is not the time for families with children. There was a couple of teenagers and one family with two toddlers. In general, the hotel is not congested. No queues, fights for sunbeds or check-in queues. I didn’t even see a queue at the bar, I always came up in splendid isolation.1/1

Sea and beach also good

A beautiful living reef, you don't need to go far along the pier. There is a small floating pontoon – and here it is, all the beauty is at your fingertips. It is a bit cool to come out of the water, it blows, but it is comfortable in the water. You can get burned in no time, more precisely, it’s not even quite a burn, it’s more like severe weathering. Take creams more fatty, moisturizing. It's cool in the evenings, I wore a cotton tracksuit, and the locals were in down jackets and sweaters with deer :)

I highly advise you to consider this hotel for relaxation! You will not regret!

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