A380 Superjumbo at Manchester Airport accidentally opened an inflatable ladder


Inflatable slide accidentally opened on A380 Superjumbo at Manchester Airport

On Monday, On December 19, an incident occurred at Manchester Airport.  The automatic release of the rescue slide worked on an Emirates aircraft. The air harbor refused to comment on the incident, it is only known that there were no casualties. Although this situation is associated with a high risk of injury to airport ground workers.

Emergency slide, which is also officially called a slide raft, that is, a raft, that is, a raft, can be detached from the aircraft and used as a floating aid in the event of a crash.


It turned out that the accidental deployment of the slide occurred on the left side of the aircraft, at the first door on the upper deck. The emergency exits on the upper deck are more than 7.5 meters above the ground.

Emergency slides are required by regulation to deploy and inflate in just six seconds, but the slides on the A380 are designed to inflate in just four seconds. Once a process is started, it cannot be stopped.

The official reason for the accidental deployment in Manchester on Monday is not yet known, but the most common version of the — the flight attendants simply forgot to execute the “Door to disarmed” command. Crosscheck". This procedure will be performed each time after landing, in preparation for opening the doors. As a result, the ramp returns from the “high alert” mode, the visual fixators-indicators are removed and a cross-check is carried out. Just to avoid inadvertent inflation and release of the emergency slide when the door is opened normally.

Thus, even cross-checking did not reveal the error of flight attendants. The A380 even has special lighting and alarms to warn the crew that the door is still in the armed position, to avoid additional action in the event of an emergency flight. But this time something went wrong.

The liner responsible for the incident — six year old A380 with registration number A6-EUN. The aircraft operated flight EK21 and arrived in Manchester at 06:45 am. Return flight EK22 has been canceled and passengers are awaiting their next departure.

An Emirates spokesperson said in a statement that the flight was “postponed due to a technical issue.”

“Aid is being provided to affected passengers, and they will be taken to their destinations by another aircraft, which is due to leave Manchester on December 20 at 6 o'clock in the morning, — the airline said in a statement. Emirates apologizes for any inconvenience caused. The safety of our passengers and crew is paramount.”

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