Air France flight attendants set date for next strike


Air France flight attendants have announced the date of the next strike

According to the plans, Macron hopes to raise the legal retirement age from 62 to 64 years old. The reform package that Macron has been working on since coming to power in 2017 will go into effect in 2030.

The Macron government quickly shelved the process three years ago after powerful trade unions opposed the reforms, but the authorities have put them back on the table today, anticipating the imminent emergence of a major fiscal deficit in the near future.

Despite the prime minister's efforts Minister of France Elisabeth Born to emphasize the gradual nature of the reforms, the unions once again reacted angrily to the proposals and declared a national day of coordinated strikes on Thursday, January 19.

The main union representing the majority of Air France flight attendants has confirmed it will take part in the protests, calling the reforms an “attack” flight attendants.

In France, flight attendants are allowed to retire at 55 in recognition of the “difficulties” that the job entails, including broken schedules, jet lag, exposure to ultraviolet radiation, and impaired mobility. of the musculoskeletal system.

According to the presented package of reforms, flight attendants will still be able to retire at 55, but for the first nine years they will receive a partial pension.

January 19, France is facing a virtual shutdown as workers from a number of industries intend to join flight crews in protest against the reform package. Bourne warned that if the retirement age is not raised, taxes will rise.

Air France flight attendants threatened a strike of similar magnitude in 2019 after the release of the initial version of the pension reform and called on the airline to stand up for them at the government level.

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