Airlines restrict ticket sales for Christmas and New Year


Airlines have restricted ticket sales over Christmas and New Year

UK Border Patrol officers at several major UK airports, including the country's busiest airport, Heathrow, will go on strike for eight days at the end of December over a wage dispute with management that threatens to slow down service to passengers arriving from overseas during the holidays. 

British Airways spokesman confirmed that the carrier is working with the government and the airport “to provide guarantees for passengers traveling on major public holidays of the year.” Virgin Atlantic also said the company is working closely with the government to “minimize the impact of the upcoming border guard protest on customer travel.”

The December 23– busy periods for airlines, moreover, almost all flights have already been sold. Heathrow is the hub for both airlines, with BA being the dominant carrier. To help level things up, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic have given customers the option to reschedule their trips to a non-working day.

“We intend to stick to our official schedule, while allowing customers to change their flight dates.” if they want to avoid the likely stress of strike days, — said a spokesman for Virgin Atlantic.

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