Best movies of 2022: my personal top 10


Best movies of 2022: mine personal TOP-10

I have always treated such collections responsibly. But in the past year, the desire to make this rating has become a real obsession for me. I watched almost all the notable novelties of cinema – from India to the USA and from Spain to South Korea. Therefore, everything will be here – comedies, action films, festival dramas and mainstream thrillers.

Best films of 2022: my personal top 10

Separately, I will say a few words about those films that were not included in this list. “Batman”, “Fabelmans”, “13 Lives”, “Breakthrough in the NBA”, “3000 Years of Wishes”, “Triangle of Sorrow” and a very kind cartoon “I'm Blushing” … All these projects received good reviews from critics and were liked by thousands of viewers all over the world, but personally I took them very calmly. Therefore, today they will appear only in mentions.

Best movies of 2022: my personal TOP- 10

The main Indian blockbuster of the year – “The Revolution Roars Near” – also flew into a separate category. I understand why he was nominated for a Golden Globe. And I understand why this film can be liked by many. But personally, I'm not ready to take pictures seriously yet, where one hero can throw a living tiger at another.

Best movies of 2022: my personal top- 10

The best films of 2022: my personal top 10

Therefore, I will also put “RRR” out of brackets. This is MY selection, and there will be films that I personally think are the best. Places are ranked from tenth to first. But even the film, which is in last place, I can sincerely recommend.

Let's start with it …

10th place. Main role.

Best films of 2022: my personal top 10

Directors: Mariano Cohn and Gaston Duprat.

There could be “Fabelmans”, as the main “movie about cinema”. But on January 15, 2022, one tape came out that I definitely liked more than Steven Spielberg's family story. In the original, this picture is called “Competencia” (“Competition”), but in our localization it was called “The main role”.

Best films of 2022: my personal top 10

In the center of the plot is an eccentric director played by Penelope Cruz, who undertook to film the Spanish bestseller. And two actors who should play warring brothers in the tape. The first is a theatrical intellectual. The second is a local sex symbol and a blockbuster star. Together they prepare for filming at numerous rehearsals, while trying not to kill each other. But this is not always possible.

Best movies of 2022: my personal top 10

Why watch this movie< /strong>? For the sake of light humor and eccentric characters.

9th place. Banshee of Inisherin

Directed by Martin McDonagh

Best movies of 2022: my personal top 10

A philosophical parable about two friends wrapped in a black comedy. Just yesterday, Colm and Padraic were inseparable and spent all the time together. And today one of the friends suddenly declares to the second that he no longer wants to communicate with him. And this decision does not seem to have a single clear reason.

This begins the story of a local Cold War on the semi-desert island of Inisherin, riddled with dozens of philosophical overtones.

What is more important – to create immortal masterpieces or just being a good guy? Is it possible to remain friends with a person who is completely different from you?

Best movies of 2022: my personal top- 10

When I read reviews about this film, I really liked that everyone put completely different meanings into it. Some saw in this tape a story about the emptiness of being and an attempt to find the meaning of life. Others are an allusion to a civil war, in which the innocent always suffer.

If you have already seen this movie, write in the comments what meaning you see in it? For now, I'll move on.

Why watch this film? For the beautiful scenery of Ireland and the many interpretations and meanings.

8th place. “No”

Best movies of 2022: my personal top 10

Directed by Jordan Peel.

On a remote ranch in California, it suddenly begins to “rain” from random items. A key crashes into the horse, and the rider falls to the ground, killed by a coin that fell from the sky. The investigation attributes everything to a technical malfunction of a flying aircraft. But the son of the deceased knows that there was no plane in the sky that day. Only a cloud, motionless frozen on the horizon. And strange tornadoes that steal horses at night…

Film “No” — is a story about a brother and sister who are trying to solve the mystery of their father's death. The picture is often positioned as a horror film, but in reality it is more of a good thriller about the relationship between people and animals.

Best films of 2022: my personal top 10

Here is a chimpanzee who has gone crazy, having arranged a bloodbath on the set of a family sitcom; and alien creatures, whose appearance they are trying to make part of a cowboy show… The fates of different heroes are closely intertwined, united by the mystery of one motionless cloud hanging on the horizon for a year. watch this film? For the enveloping suspense, the atmosphere of mystery and goosebumps.

7th place. Pinocchio

Best films of 2022: my personal top 10

Director — Guillermo Del Toro.

A very unusual reading of a classic fairy tale, placed in the entourage of fascist Italy. And also a powerful anti-war statement, which cannot be dispensed with in 2022. The picture is gloomy. Therefore, this is not at all the cartoon that you can watch with your child.

This is a story about the search for oneself, the nature of totalitarianism and the fact that the young always die in the wars of the old. In the past year, there was another significant anti-war film – All Quiet on the Western Front“. This is also a very strong movie, but at the same time heavy and traumatic. Therefore, Pinocchio was on my list today. Magical charm and puppet animation help this story to find a delicate balance between fabulousness and heaviness of the topics raised in it.

6th place. “The Unbearable Weight of Great Talent”

Best movies of 2022: my personal top 10

Movie with Nicolas Cage playing Nicolas Cage. But at the same time, just a great comedy for the evening, full of self-irony and references to the work of the most meme actor of the generation.

Screen Cage is going through an identity crisis. Career is going downhill. He is deep in debt, his wife left, and his daughter is offended by him. To top it all off, his young counterpart from the 90s begins to appear to him, who blames him for missed opportunities. Deep down, the forgotten actor still cherishes the dream of getting a role in the new project of Quentin Tarantino. But instead, it only gets rejected one after another. -top-10-40f9b00.jpg” alt=”Best movies of 2022: my personal top 10″ />

Out of desperation, he agrees to fly to Mallorca and perform there for $1,000,000 at the birthday party of the local “king of olives” named Xavi. He seems like a nice guy, but very soon it turns out that the olives are just a cover for the drug business, and Javi himself is accused of kidnapping the daughter of a prominent Catalan politician. The trip doesn't go according to plan, and Nicolas Cage will have to use all his acting arsenal, help the CIA and really try on the role of an action hero, which he has had to play many times in films.

Best movies of 2022: my personal top 10

Worth Watching This Tape? For the sake of Nicolas Cage, who has not appeared in mainstream cinema for a long time, and also for the sake of great humor and warm landscapes of Spain.

5th place. Faster than a Bullet

Directed by David Leitch.

A hilarious comedy thriller, where practically star actors play all the roles. The picture was collected by the authors of Deadpool and John Wick, and their special handwriting is visible here from the very first notes. There are great fights and shootouts in the movie, and a lot of funny characters, some of which die several times during the movie.

Best films of 2022: my personal top 10

The plot of the story is both simple and ingenious at the same time. A hired killer played by Brad Pitt boards the Tokyo-Kyoto high-speed train to pick up some important case there. But very soon he will find out that the composition is literally stuffed with his colleagues. And their tasks are closely related to each other.

Why is this film worth watching? For the sake of outrageous fights, skirmishes and funny characters who are either friends or try to kill each other.

4th place. “The Invisible Assassin”

Directed by Jo Young Sung.

A city hospital doctor goes to work and suddenly finds out that his own son is on the operating table. The boy's lungs are failing. But this is just the beginning of a series of tragic events. On the same day, the wife of the protagonist dies of similar symptoms. Judging by the tests, the disease has been developing for more than a year, but the doctor is ready to swear that until recently the woman had no symptoms.

Best films of 2022: my personal top 10

The protagonist begins an investigation and soon learns that similar cases of sudden lung failure have been diagnosed throughout Korea for several years. The “invisible killer” is a product for air humidifiers from the international corporation “O2”. Relatives of the victims unite together to get the truth in court. But against them there will be a monstrous machine, including the best lawyers, bought laboratories and even corrupt senators.

Jo Yong Sung's painting is about a real-life lawsuit that was only finally completed in 2020. Back then, a popular moisturizer killed hundreds of women and children across Korea.

Why watch this movie? For the sudden plot twists, the powerful social drama that always gave me a lump in my throat, and also for the sake of better understanding South Korea – a country where women are obsessed with cleanliness and men work all day.

3rd place. “Good luck to you Leo Grande”

Best movies of 2022: my personal TOP- 10

The best rom-com of the year and just an unusual tape about the relationship between an old woman and a young gigolo. Almost 90% of the film takes place in one hotel room, so the picture in places is very much like a theater production.

The plot of the story is simple: a 60-year-old woman named Nancy buried her husband, raised two children, and suddenly realized that she had never truly lived. She'd only had one man in her entire life, and she'd never enjoyed being in bed with him.

The best films of 2022: my personal top 10

To fix this, the former teacher collects the last money and contacts the young Gigalo Leo Grande. At first, the film seems like a romantic comedy, but then the second bottom appears in it. And a light story about two completely different people turns into a subtle drama about self-acceptance and lost time.

Why watch this film?< /em> For the amazing Emma Thompson, who is so adorable here that it's hard not to fall in love with her.

2nd place. “The Decision to Leave”

Directed by Park Chan Wook.

Best films of 2022: my personal top 10

The body of a man is found high in the mountains. The widow of the deceased is cooperating with the investigation, but the further the investigation progresses, the more evidence points to her. The case is solved, but the girl and the head detective begin to get closer. He understands that she is a killer. But at the same time, he irrevocably falls in love with her.

The picture received a prize at Cannes, was nominated for a Golden Globe and, most likely, will represent Korea at the Oscars. The film subtly balances between detective and melodrama, turning into a very beautiful and non-trivial story about death and unspoken love.

The best films of 2022: my personal top 10

< strong>Why watch this movie? For the sake of magnetic directing and subtle half hints that reveal a very tender story of strange love.

1st place. “Everything, everywhere and at once”

Best movies of 2022: my personal top- 10

Directors — Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert.

The brightest, touching and in a good way crazy film of the year. A laundry worker named Evelyn gains access to the skills and memories of different versions of herself in an infinite number of parallel universes. She acquires a special superpower, and at the same time she learns that a secret entity named Jobu Tupac wants to destroy her and the whole world.

Best films of 2022: my personal top 10

The authors of the tape methodically build their multiverse, hang Chekhov's guns and indicate conflicts within one particular family, in order to simply knock the audience off their feet with an unexpected emotional denouement in the end. Behind the guise of a sci-fi action movie is a very touching family drama about a woman who tries to build relationships with her daughter, husband, father and hated tax worker.

The film won a Saturn award, a Critics' Choice Award and most likely will one of the favorites at the Oscars and Golden Globes. For me, this is definitely the best movie of the year. I still have tears in my eyes when I look back at some moments from this feed.

Best films of 2022: my personal top 10

For the sake of why watch this movie? To cry, laugh and finally see how multifaceted one particular tape can be. This is a superhero action movie, a family drama, and an absurd comedy all rolled into one. . Leave your picks in the comments. Maybe I forgot someone after all?

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