Boeing or Airbus: who is more successful in 2022?


Boeing or Airbus: who is more successful in 2022? 

A report from the American giant Boeing shows that it delivered a total of 480 aircraft last year. Compared to 340 aircraft in 2021, this is a 41% increase. Most of them were 737th — 387 out of 480, or 81%. The most successful year in terms of deliveries was 2018, when 806 commercial aircraft were shipped.

Meanwhile, the European Airbusmade 661 deliveries in 2022. Although the company did not reach the target of 700 aircraft, compared to 2021, the growth was 8%. Well, according to the result, the French manufacturer was confidently ahead of Boeing. Narrow-body aircraft are once again a key product: 516 out of 661 shipments — 78% — last year they were aircraft of the A320 family.

In terms of new orders, Boeing had a total of 935. With cancellations and changes, that figure eventually dropped to 774. In the meantime, Airbus processed 1,078 applications, and its final net figure was 820.

Last year, both sides faced serious problems. Although they achieved an improvement in their performance in 2021, they faced many difficulties: the consequences of COVID-19, events in Ukraine, problems with energy supply, inflation, etc.

On an individual level, one of the biggest challenges Boeing has faced has been the ongoing hiatus in Boeing 787 deliveries. This began in May 2021 amid FAA concerns about quality control on the Dreamliner production line. However, deliveries eventually resumed in August, with 31 aircraft shipped by the end of 2022.

In the meantime, Airbus has been involved in an ongoing litigation with Qatar Airways over the deteriorating paint finish on its A350 range. The situation arose in January 2021 due to cracks in one aircraft, but has since escalated into a real conflict. Tensions between the two sides have even led to orders being cancelled, and that's not the end of the story. The litigation is due to begin in June.

The challenges each manufacturer has apparently prevented 2022 from delivering everything they had hoped and hoped for, but this year still turned out better than 2021- m for both giants. After all, in a business like commercial aviation, key facts and figures — this is exactly what the big market leaders are usually judged by.

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