Both Turkish Orient Express routes open winter season


Both Turkish Orient Express routes opened the winter season

The Eastern Express tourist train, which departs on two different routes from the Turkish capital Ankara and passes through the country's most beautiful places on the way to Kars, has just opened another winter season. Orient Express runs on one of the oldest railways in Asia with a length of 1 & nbsp; 310 km. The approximately 25-hour train journey passes through the provinces of Kırıkkale, Kayseri (Cappadocia), Sivas, Erzincan and Erzurum, and finally ends in Kars.

Eastern Express stops at 50 historic railway stations. The train consists of Pullman cars and special sleeping cars, there is also a dining car with 56 seats.

The tourist Orient Express, which also includes a sleeping car, stops at 29 stations in 35 hours. At the same time, a stop on each of them lasts up to three hours, providing passengers with ample opportunities for sightseeing in remote cities.

The route ends in Kars, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the main attractions of which are the Kars Castle, the Second Stone Bridge and the Kars Museum. Here you can visit many traditional cultural performances, as well as ancient religious sites: the Ebul Menucher Mosque and the Church of Tigran Khonenets.

Winter sports also attract a lot of attention from travelers. The Sarikamis Ski Center in Kars offers the third highest drop in ski slopes in the world. Lake Childyr on the border of Kars and Ardahan invites you to a walk on the frozen lake, horse-drawn sleigh rides and ice fishing for mirror carp.

«Orient Express» runs from Ankara daily, and the tourist “Orient Express” departs from Ankara on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and back from Kars — Wednesday, Friday, Sunday.

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