British Airways launches third daily flight from London to Dubai


British Airways launches third daily flight from London to Dubai

British Airways is expanding its flight program between London and Dubai by adding one more flight per day to its current two flights. At the same time, the schedule is designed to give customers more choice and flexibility when planning their trips. Thus, great opportunities are opening up for customers who want to travel from the UAE to the UK, Europe and the USA. British Airways currently operates 14 flights a week from Dubai, and with additional departures, the total traffic will increase to 21.

British Airways Regional Commercial Director for the Middle East Panagiotis Theodotou said: “We are delighted to add a third direct flight from Dubai to London and provide a wide range of choices for our clients who are looking for the best experience and the best travel options. All three flights London — Dubai — London are connected to our worldwide network».

Flight Schedule BA Dubai — Heathrow — Dubai

BA106 (Daily) Dubai — Heathrow 02:10 — 06:15

BA107 (daily) Heathrow — Dubai 12:40 — 23:45 

BA104 (daily) Dubai — Heathrow 10:00 — 14:00

BA105 (daily) Heathrow — Dubai 20:40 — 07:45 

BA108 (daily) Dubai — Heathrow 13:35 — 17:40

BA109 (daily) Heathrow —Dubai 21:30 — 08:30


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