British police stepped up checks on passengers arriving from Los Angeles


British police stepped up screening of passengers arriving from Los Angeles

The National Crime Agency said it had arrested at least 11 people in just eight days after police detained two US citizens at Heathrow Airport on January 17. About 50 kilograms of marijuana were found in their checked baggage.

Unlike California, cannabis remains illegal in the UK and, despite widespread use, is considered a class B drug. The maximum penalty for possession of cannabis is up to five years in prison. imprisonment, while supplying the drug can land a suspect in jail for up to 14 years.

Both crimes can also be punished with an unlimited fine, although sentences are usually much lighter.

< p>“In light of this unusual series of seizures, law enforcement will no doubt pay more attention to passengers on the Los Angeles – London and intensify checks, — comments Heathrow police.

One gram of cannabis costs between £10 and £12, but the police say the California version can cost much more because it is grown legally and is therefore of much higher quality.

«Our investigation into these events is ongoing, but I am making a direct appeal to anyone who is considering participating in the transport of prohibited substances to the UK. Think very carefully about the consequences,” continues Heathrow police chief Andy Noyes.

Because smugglers may have ties to organized crime, Noyes believes the courts should impose harsh penalties on those caught while trying to smuggle the potion into the UK.

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