Citizens of Kosovo granted the right to visa-free travel to Europe


Kosovo citizens have been granted the right to visa-free travel to Europe

Visa-free regime for Kosovo has been supported 48 votes “for”, seven countries voted “no” and three abstained. The message about this appeared in the official account of the LIBE Committee in social networks.

“The trilateral visa liberalization agreement with Kosovo was approved by the members of the European Parliament of the LIBE Committee with 48 votes "for", seven — “against” and three abstaining, — the message says.

The news was received with approval by the citizens of Kosovo, although some openly expressed their dissatisfaction, calling the process dragged on to the limit: “You are voting on the same issue for the 100th time. RKS got the green light many years ago».

On 14 December last year, the EU Council and Parliament agreed to allow travelers from Kosovo visa-free entry to the 27 Schengen countries starting from 1 November 2023, but no later than 1 January 2024 year.

On the same day, Kosovo submitted its application for EU membership. At the same time, five EU countries — Spain, Slovakia, Romania, Cyprus and Greece — until Kosovo is recognized as an independent state.

Now that the LIBE Committee has approved a draft document that allows visa-free entry for Kosovo citizens, it will be submitted to the EU Parliament for approval. Once this happens, the Council will also need to support the document before the official adoption procedure takes place.

Kosovo has been in the process of liberalizing the visa regime for its citizens since February 19, 2012, and on June 14 of the same year, the republic received a roadmap with the requirements that it must comply with for a visa-free regime.

Only six years later, on July 18, 2018, Kosovo received a positive recommendation from the EU Commission — she confirmed that Pristina had fulfilled all the requirements presented in the roadmap in order for its citizens to be allowed to travel visa-free to the 27 Schengen countries.

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