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Chungliang Al Huang

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Chungliang Al Huang

Semester B - Chungliang Al Huang is the founder and president of Living Tao Foundation and director of Lan Ting Institute in China. Al received his early training in the classics and martial arts in China and is now a renowned and popular teacher of creative tai chi and contemporary Taoism. He has found success as an architect, cultural anthropologist, and dancer-choreographer. Huang is author of many books, including the best-selling Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain and Quantum Soup; Beginner's Taiji Book (with co-author Allan Watts); Tao: The Watercourse Way (with Jerry Lynch); Thinking Body, Dancing Mind; The Tao of Giving and Receiving Wisdom; and Working Out, Working Within: The Tao of Inner Fitness through Sports and Exercises. Huang’s organic style of Tai Ji is immediately accessible to people of all ages and experience levels. His approach allows students to quickly experience the joys of Tai Ji energy flow along with the deeper sensations of stillness in motion.

Huang uses a wide range of tools to inspire his students: brush calligraphy, music, poetry, mythic story telling, and more. Fundamental to his work are the Five Elements, Tao Te Ching, I Ching and other classics in Taoist, Zen Buddhist and Confucian studies.

If you spend any time at all with Chungliang, you immediately understand why so many people around the world choose to study with him. His passion, charm, intelligence, tireless energy, and child-like enthusiasm are infectious.

Learn to open yourself to Tai Ji, a universal medium for the cultivation of the Body, Mind and Spirit.

Enter the no-mind, no-control, no-purpose Dance of Nature...of living. Let go of the attachment to human purposefulness, ego-control, and calculating analysis. Connect with nature, and harmonize the extremes of yin yang into oneness.

Open your mind. Open your heart. Open your body. Open your Self.

Relax and smile . . . you are Tai Ji.


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  • Includes:: A terrific teleseminar
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