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Garrison Cohen

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Garrison Cohen Garrison Cohen

Semester B - Garrison Cohen blends humor, personal interaction, multi-media, stories, and magic into his programs as he shares with students cutting edge information on maximizing time and enhancing their ability to learn.

During this highly interactive presentation, you’ll be impressed with how much students learn and how much fun they have at the same time.

Garrison Cohen has presented life-changing programs to students since 1990. As Tuerack Training’s highest ranked international presenter, he has led week-long motivational retreat programs around the world and spoken to over 50 thousand students in the last 5 years. His program has been presented at notable schools, such as Harvard, Cornell, and MIT. While presenting primarily across the United States, he has been requested to present in far reaching places such as Singapore.

Garrison is also an award-winning filmmaker, and expresses his thoughts in such a way that audiences are drawn in and highly engaged. Garrison Cohen presently tours the country presenting before executives, college students, and middle/high school students delivering the presentations "Better Grades in Less Time™" and “Super Hero Leadership Training.”

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  • Includes:: A terrific teleseminar
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