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Jan Robinson

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Jan Robinson Jan Robinson

2013/02/14 - Jan Robinson, M.A., Soulful Sex & Intimacy Expert and International Tantra Kriya Yoga Instructor, is passionate about raising the love and consciousness on the planet by healing the divide between sex and spirit, masculine and feminine. Honoring the body as a gateway to the Divine, she supports others to integrate love, consciousness, and sexuality into the wholeness of their being for more blissfully connected living and loving. Above all, Jan joyfully holds space for all to awaken to their Divine Magnificence!

The Challenge is to make love to your Beloved, every day for seven days.

If you're in a loving relationship, but you're finding yourself wanting more of that deep desire and passionate connection to show up in the bedroom – then this is the challenge for you!

My work is all about helping those who feel stuck in familiar habitual ways, not knowing how to shift out of those predictable ruts and patterns (especially without hurting their partner's feelings!) The Catch 22 is that if you miss out on the deep fulfillment that comes from a joyful, meaningful sex life, one that continues to grow as you do - so you end up feeling more like roommates than lovers or settling for 'good-enough' - then your relationship is most likely headed toward failure.

You want to feel loved, adored, cherished. You want to discover what makes you feel desirable and attractive so that your partner is HOT for you and eager for more. You want your partner to know how to love you in the way that makes you MELT. And most of all, you want your sex life to be the best and most fulfilling it can be while also integrating your spirituality, increasing your intimacy and feeling totally accepted for who you are.

So if you're a conscious woman or man in relationship - join me in this teleseminar, which is all about taking your sex life and intimacy to the next level. It is possible to bring sex and spirit together in order to unlock the full potential of love, beauty, and ecstasy of your relationship.


"John says he feels more in love with me now than on the day we got married.Friends have told us it's so hard to have passion after you've been together for years and have fallen into a rut. But it's not! You just need the right tools. Before we worked with Jan, John and I were at a crossroads. We'd been together for 17 years and sometimes, my eyes would wander towards other men wondering if they could fulfill me in the way I desired. After we worked with Jan, sex and love have really come together for us in true lovemaking." - Darcie and John, Truckee, CA

"Before working with Jan things looked hopeless. My wife and I have been married 20 years and the hardships we've suffered have taken the pleasure out of life and being with one another. We love each other and I'd been trying to find a way to re-engage our intimacy, but we had lost our way. Working with Jan provided a spark and tools to make that happen. My wife and I just made love again for the first time in almost a year. It wasn't just that we had sex, but that we've become intimate again. Also, I didn't know I could have a full-body orgasm. It's liberating. The work with Jan also goes deeper to self love. It's all connected. Jan creates a safe, nonjudgmental environment. What at first was overwhelming, Jan helped me to break down into manageable pieces. It seems anyone can come to her and she can figure out a path for them from where they are to something better." - Robert, San Jose, CA

"Before working with Jan, both my wife and I felt frustrated about our very different levels of sex drive. There was a lot of blame and feelings of 'wrongness.' I often felt I was the 'wrong one' for wanting too much and she also felt like the 'wrong one' for not being as interested sexually. In addition, with two kids to raise, Jennifer was tired a lot and we struggled to find the time. Even though we love each other and had the intention of making our intimacy and connection a priority, we felt stuck and not sure how to ever change it. It was a "chicken and the egg" phenomenon: Not enough sex, not gonna be intimate; not enough intimacy, not gonna have sex. When we met Jan at one of her free workshops, we felt a real connection with her because of her realness and genuine authenticity. She creates comfort and meaningful impact on both of us individually as well as together. After working with Jan, we became really clear in how to ask for what we want in positive, uplifting ways. That led to more openness in talking about what we desire sensually, sexually and erotically. We also began to enjoy sex more frequently. Even when we're busy, there's a new base line of trust and understanding. If nothing's happening, it doesn't mean anything except that we're busy! When we do make love, it's been more sensual, erotic, pleasurable and satisfying than ever." - Joe and Jennifer, Palo Alto, CA

"When we look around at our friends, we see a lot of relationships on the rocks. A couple of years ago Mike and I were headed down that same path. After 24 years of marriage, there was something missing. Jan helped us to get back that missing spark. The work we did with Jan brought us together in new ways. We now enjoy more satisfying sex than when we were young. Since learning how to increase and circulate my sexual energy, I feel I've discovered the true fountain of youth! I feel revitalized." - Camille and Mike, Incline Village, N

"Before working with Jan we thought our problem was an imbalance in our level of sexual desire or that we weren't sexually compatible. But in hindsight I see we just had trouble communicating with each other about sex in a relaxed way. I was feeling very tense of a daily basis, due to frustrated sexual desire and my self-esteem was impacted since I was feeling rejected. My partner felt frustrated since he wasn't getting what he wanted either, which was to try different things and to bring a sense of adventure to our sex life. This was the source of a lot of tension between us. After our first session with Jan we felt lighter, more relaxed with each other, and excited about trying the exercises. We started having more fun, because we had a new relaxed way to communicate. We were laughing more. My partner had some techniques to help him have more stamina, which was great for both of us. We loved working with Jan. Her playfulness and sense of humor made us feel comfortable. For us as a couple, the tools and exercises we learned gave us a safe, neutral ground on which to explore together, rather than being caught up in a struggle between what I want and what he wants. We could step into the unknown together and be surprised and delighted by each other (I was SHOCKED to find out how little I understood about the penis!). Personally, I realized that my own relationship to my body and to my sexuality was constricted – that I didn't love myself sexually the way I would want to be loved. Once I had the courage to do that, it opened up a new way of being with my partner. I learned that I could allow my desire to actually flow through me, and so I have a much easier relationship with my own sexuality." - Robin and Eric, San Francisco, CA

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  • Includes:: A terrific teleseminar
  • Airing Date: Thursday, 14 February 2013
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