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Peter Russell

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Peter Russell Peter Russell

Peter Russell is a fellow of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, of The World Business Academy and of The Findhorn Foundation, and an Honorary Member of The Club of Budapest.

At Cambridge University (UK), he studied mathematics and theoretical physics. Then, as he became increasingly fascinated by the mysteries of the human mind he changed to experimental psychology. Pursuing this interest, he traveled to India to study meditation and eastern philosophy, and on his return took up the first research post ever offered in Britain on the psychology of meditation.

His principal interest is the deeper, spiritual significance of the times we are passing through. He has written several books in this area -- The TM Technique, The Upanishads, The Brain Book, The Global Brain Awakens, The Creative Manager, The Consciousness Revolution, Waking Up in Time, and From Science to God.

As one of the more revolutionary futurists Peter Russell has been a keynote speaker at many international conferences, in Europe, Japan and the USA. His multi-image shows and videos, The Global Brain and The White Hole in Time have won praise and prizes from around the world. In 1993 the environmental magazine Buzzworm voted Peter Russell "Eco-Philosopher Extraordinaire" of the year. 

This challenge is to master the art of letting go into the Here and Now.

Pause five times a day for five days. Notice if you feel any sense of tension, resistance, or tightness in your being. If so, open up to it, become interested in how the feeling, notice the experience of constricted awareness. Wait and see what happens. Then record the results in a journal or record on your mobile.

Holding on limits perception, creates tension, veils our true nature, and lies at the root of much our suffering. Letting go, on the other hand, brings relief, ease, joy, and love. But letting go isn't as easy as it sounds. That is because we usually approach letting go as something to do. The key lies in mastering the art of undoing.

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