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Samantha Sweetwater

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Samantha Sweetwater

Semester B - Samantha Sweetwater started channeling dances about war, peace, relationship and spiritual states beyond name or form at the age of 13. 

She has been a dance priestess ever since, traversing the realms embodied transformation through professional dance and choreography, contact improvisation, site-specific improvisation, capoeira, dance fitness, yoga teaching and training, massage therapy, events production and embodied community development.

She is the founder of Dancing Freedom and PeaceBody Japan and is a Soul Life Coach. Her work synergizes ecstatic dance, mindfulness centered in the body, shamanism, soul alchemy, community practice, and an integral vision for evolutionary enlightenment into JOYFUL experiences that support individual and planetary wholeness. Her trainings, classes, workshops and ceremonies are safe, healing spaces to open the heart, express the soul, and to reconnect with the self-generating capacity to experience sufficiency and wholeness. She serves through authenticity, integral perspective, rigorous honesty, divine play, and presence.

Samantha holds an MA in Wisdom Spirituality, a self-created BA in Social Theory and The Dance, is a certified yoga instructor, somatics practitioner, massage therapist, Eco-Shamanic Trauma Mentor, Dream Coach, Reiki Master, and an ordained priestess.

The Global Dancing Freedom Facilitation Team practices Embodied Leadership and Living Oneness. Our mission is to serve cultural and spiritual emergence, resilience and thrival by providing a safe and beautiful space for community to gather, pray, process, celebrate and evolve together.

Our global team of over 100 facilitators includes Sarah Mackota, Susan Marjanovic, Rebecca Reeves, Christopher Campbell, Lydia Marolda, Atasiea, Magalie Bonneau-Marcil, Eryn Hampson, Lali, Tessi Belle, Lauren "Lotus" Thomas, Jennifer Jerabek, Ethan Feldman, Nicola Povey and Ashley Klein.


Can you truly love, accept and care for your body this year? The Challenge is to genuinely and compassionately love, accept and honor your physical and energetic bodies for this one week and for the full year to come.


We all live in bodies. And, every single human being struggles at some point with physical pain, with disease, with age and with body image issues.


Make this first week of 2013 YOUR time to fully inhabit, accept and LOVE the unique and perfect body your soul choose for it's journey this lifetime.


Learn 3 unique techniques for raising your energy, increasing happiness, integrating your physical, emotional and spiritual fitness, and permanently shifting the way you experience your relationship with your body.

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  • Includes:: A terrific teleseminar
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