Cons of living in Sweden


Cons of living in Sweden

Sweden is a country of victorious socialism with liberal capitalism paired, where everything is done for people, in the name of their comfort and well-being. For immigrants looking for a better life, it can be a great option. However, as always happens, there are some nuances, and for the sake of the prospect of a high standard of living in the future, newcomers will have to endure some inconvenience in the present. To some, they will seem trifling, but for some potential settlers they can become an insurmountable obstacle.

1. Earning a lot is unprofitable

This is not a contradiction, but an objective reality. In Sweden, a progressive scale of taxation is applied: the higher the salary of a respectable citizen, the more he pays taxes. As a result, receiving less money in his hands than his colleague with a more modest salary. For example, having earned 70,000 EUR in a year, a Swede will give the state about 60 % of his income. The Swedish income tax is one of the highest in Europe. But people do not complain, because he is doing the right thing: improving infrastructure, building social facilities, benefits for citizens. But the immigrant will be unusual and even insulting at first.

2. No self-activity

In Sweden, there are a lot of different kinds of partnerships, unions and associations. A person decides almost nothing on his own, a solid collective responsibility. For example, they do not buy an apartment there, but acquire the right to live in it for a lot of money. Further, the fate of the new neighbor is determined by the omnipotent HOA. Breaking the rules, not participating in community service? To the exit. If one of the parents in the family is not employed, then the child can attend kindergarten only at a strictly defined time, usually 3-4 hours a day. This is strictly monitored, even selectively checking the presence of parents at the workplace. And there are enough such rules, which are absolutely unusual for us, in all spheres of life. f550x700/27/zl/27zlb0fbfeo0gssc04ogsgg4s.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Cons of living in Sweden

3. Total tolerance

Swedes pride themselves on their tolerance and respect for human rights. But it was these wonderful qualities that played a cruel joke with them. Sometimes it comes to the point that people prefer not only not to argue, but simply to express their opinion openly, for fear of offending the interlocutor or running into an accusation of something. Unaccustomed to this total “non-resistance” may seem almost unbearable. Despite all the disadvantages, Sweden has a fat plus: beautiful nature. Judge for yourself: 17 photos that will make you want to visit Sweden.

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4. Specific climate

In Sweden, almost the whole winter is similar to our November: gloomy, damp, dreary and cloudy. Also, the wind blows with rain right in the face. Snow happens, but rarely, summers are cool. There are no frosts like in Russia, thanks to the Gulf Stream, and this is probably a plus, but still, grayness and dampness are worse for several months of the year than a big minus with snowdrifts sparkling in the sun. But the locals are used to it, although they also periodically experience depression due to lack of sunlight.

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