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The ART OF BEING with Alan Lowen

Start Date:
Fri, 18 January 2013
Finish date:
Sun, 20 January 2013
Last Revised:
Monday, 29 October 2012
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595 USD Event fee
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ALowen-TSTAlan Lowen's The Art of Being Experience is a weekend workshop that provides a rare opportunity to participate in a different kind of human potential experience. Describing what happens  - the inter-personal processes, the guided journeys into your own depths, the music that sets a new standard in its beauty and appropriateness, Alan’s dynamic, body-heart-and-soul meditations, the circle where life-transforming mysteries unfold – yes, there is all of this, and still the words cannot convey how extraordinary is an Art of Being experience.

In ways that are surprising and unprogrammable, it invites you into a holistic state of BEING that is more often talked about than experienced.

This is a life-changer! It throws transforming light on the rather normal habit of living disconnected from our dearest personal attributes. And what are these? It is worth naming the most significant:

  • our instinct that gives us our connection with all of nature and our own male-female sexual nature
  • our most passionate and our most tender feelings and emotions, especially when they require our surrender or vulnerability
  • our real personal power that can act creatively, accept life’s challenges, hold fast and also let go as life or death requires
  • the inner mother of our own heart who gives us our Yes to our nature, feelings, being and soul
  • our intuition that serves us so beautifully in our daily life and saves us the time and stress of trying to figure everything out
  • our intimate connection with our own soul that gives us our inner hot-line to life’s spiritual dimension.

The Art of Being does not try to coach good performance of these attributes. That is part of the human problem, producing performers and making image more important than who one really is. Instead, it offers immersion in the experience of BEING that liberates us from the need to perform and impress. We can never be more brilliant than when we are simply the celebration of our whole, integrated BEING!

To celebrate your whole being is to live with easy trust in your feelings, in your bodily processes and energies, in your male/female nature, in your intuitive faculties, in loving and being loved, in your self-worth, in the great mysteries of spirit that you discover when you are connected with your soul, and in the whole-hearted acceptance of “this one that I am”.

About Alan Lowen

Alan Lowen has an international reputation as a premier guide for people working with the energies of sex, birth, love, living, and dying. His teaching style is deep, playful, and personal. He studied tantra with the late Indian master, Osho Rajneesh, and numbers among his mentors Carl Rogers and Fritz Perls. He is the founder and principal teacher of The Art of Being®, a path to happy, healthy and enlightened living. You can find out more at: www.artofbeing.com

Comments from participants in Alan’s Art of Being workshops

ArtBeingThank you for whispering some important words in my ear
Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge with us.
Thank you for your love behind all your actions and communication.
Thank you for your presence during our workshop experiences.
Thank you for your clarity, simplicity and for your uncompromising truth. Thank  you for your art of being.

- Anna Maria Strasser

What draws me for years now into workshops with Alan Lowen? In the atmosphere Alan creates I feel in very good hands. Art of Being experiences have led me to a deeper self-knowledge and love of life. Over the years I gradually changed from a seeker to one who receives more than he can hold. These experiences count as my greatest and most important inner treasures. I'm very happy today, and I am deeply grateful to Alan for his offers of learning.

- Gantu

Thank you for everything. Life has never been the same after we were with you. I have so many experiences where your work is present. I am extremely grateful for the continuous eye-openers in my day-to-day life. I became a new person through The Art of Being. And thank you, Alan, for teaching me to LET IT PASS. It helped me existentially during a stay with my daughter, when she gave birth to my second grand-daughter.

- Heiderose Moossen

I am really enjoying your support and your appreciation. It feels like getting something I never got during my childhood and later in my job and PhD studies - values like honest feedback and support. Asking myself what was the most important thing I learned from you and The Art of Being - it is so simple, only one word: TRUST!

- Jutta Panke

I love your way to create a space where people meet the essence of themselves. I take you with me in my work and I hope I can activate one or two moments where people meet themselves even professionally in their being.

- Patricia Matt



The Art of Being Experience

A weekend workshop

with Alan Lowen, founder of The Art of Being®

Dates: Fri Jan 18 (eve) – Sun Jan 20 (4pm) 2013

Location: in Northern California organized by Life School

Cost: $595 (20% discount for Life School enrolled students)


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