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BaGua QiGong Introduction with Dr. Russell DesMarais

Start Date:
Sat, 09 February 2013
Finish date:
Sat, 01 June 2013
Last Revised:
Thursday, 06 December 2012
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12-01-2013 14:00 15:30 0


Dr. Russell DesMarais will teach you the basics of BaGua QiGong in this FREE 90 minute teleseminar. BaGua QiGong is a powerful, esoteric healing technique thousands of years old.

In these modern and hectic times, many of us are disconnected from the energies found both within our own bodies and those energies surrounding us in nature. To rebuild those connections, participants learn about the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine and the Eight Powers of The Great Tao used to reconnect our inner center of Qi - The BaGua - with the outer source of all creation - The Great Tao.

Along with BaGua QiGong forms, students will be taught simple yet powerful hand movements unique to this form to align with and draw Qi - life force - from these Universal energies of nature and then transform this Qi into their own bodies to achieve lasting healing, more focus and a deeper inner connection with themselves and outwardly with the natural world. These BaGua hand positions while held in its corresponding direction kinesthetically activates and embeds the energy of that power into the body. You will draw each of the Eight Powers into your body to feel their effects for the week.

This introductory workshop demonstrates the techniques. The followup intensive will provide detailed instruction, as well as feedback and refinement. Students must have a webcam if they wish to request individual feedback and refinement.


Dr. Russell DesMarais is a health visionary and pioneer in integrative healing – internationally known in Medical Qigong and Natural Medicine. Over the past 35 years, Dr. DesMarais has successfully treated thousands of patients by uniquely combining Classical Chinese Medicine, modern-day Chiropractic, and Functional Medicine into his practice of Integrative Natural Medicine. Also, Dr. DesMarais has taught QiGong for more than two decades. Multiple trips to China during that decade allowed Dr. DesMarais the privilege of studying privately in China under the direction of Chinese doctors and master teachers, including Masters Su Jian, Wan, Duan, Chen Guoguang and Miao Shen. After completing extensive training with Master Sun-Jie, in 1995 Dr. DesMarais was certified as an International QiGong Doctor and Master Teacher through the National Science and Research Center for Applied QiGong in Benxi, China.

More recently, Dr. DesMarais became a founding Board Member of the National QiGong Association (NQA), and served as its first elected president. In 1997, he organized and hosted NQA's Inaugural International QiGong Conference, held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 2010, Dr. DesMarais renewed his 30-year association with Master Mantak Chia, completing more advanced Medical QiGong training at the Tao Garden Health Spa and Resort, Master Chia's retreat in Thailand. In the fields of Functional and Natural Medicine, Dr. DesMarais is a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC), a Diplomat American Board of Chiropractic Internist (DABCI, a specialty in internal medicine), and has completed an additional three-year specialty in Clinical Nutrition. Over the years, he has completed more than 200 hours of restorative endocrinology study and more than 500 hours of Applied Kinesiology (AK) training. He continues to exceed continuing education requirements year after year in his quest for cutting-edge research in advanced cellular biology, chiropractic, AK, Sacral Occipital Technique {SOT} clinical nutrition, medical qigong, neuroendocrinology, and more. He also studied from 1967 to 1972 with Michio Kushi at The Kushi Institute in Boston, MA. From Michio Kushi, he personally received extensive training in Classical Oriental Medicine, including macrobiotic nutrition and acupuncture.


One of Dr. DesMarais' patients, a Registered Nurse (RN) from Saint Paul, Minnesota, wrote: "I had an overactive bladder for 10 years. My symptoms of frequency, urgency, leaking, and occasional incontinence embarrassed me and limited my social activities. As many as 10 times/ day - and in recent years, 18 times/day)=, I had to run to the bathroom. I've participated in studies and used medications (with horrible side effects). The medications helped only half the time, and have been less effective lately. Nothing seemed to work.

After practicing only two repetitions of the BaGua QiGong forms—for the bladder and kidneys—Dr. DesMarais taught me, my symptoms decreased significantly, and after the third repetition, my symptoms were completely gone. I experimented with stopping the BaGua QiGong, and the overactive bladder symptoms returned in full force. Now, I do the BaGua forms every morning, and my symptoms stay completely gone, including being able to sleep through the night without using the bathroom, not even once, for the first time in 7 years!

I feel enormously grateful and privileged to have been able to learn these simple BaGua QiGong forms. Thank you, Dr. DesMarais!"


QiGong is an aspect of Classical Chinese Medicine for self-healing focused on special forms of movement and meditations to restore, build and cultivate Qi for improving pain and illness. QiGong is also used as a system to stay well and prevent disease from occurring while slowing the aging process. In Medical QiGong, the practitioner advances in the development of his own energy allowing for the cultivation and storage of Qi which can then be emitted by hand into the patient's body for more direct energy healing

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