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The Ecstatic Art SENSUAL DRAWING Party

Start Date:
Sat, 22 June 2013
Finish date:
Not Specified
Last Revised:
Thursday, 06 December 2012
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125 USD
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Amber St. Germain will lead a special ecstatic art workshop on the weekend following the teleseminar, called The Ecstatic Art Sensual Drawing Party. The Ecstatic Art Workshop is a meditative form of figure drawing that accesses deep latent creativity by awakening the body's natural wisdom, inspiration and sensuality. By combining both traditional drawing instruction with qigong energy awareness, movement, breath, sound, and intentionality, we can reach a deeper wellspring of creativity and artistic fulfillment. Via her method of drawing with your third eye and soul's inspiration, it is possible to achieve ecstasy and union with the universe through this practice.

This event starts with a warm-up by learning basic figure drawing from a nude model, and slowly blossoms into a gender-balanced sensual art puja/party. If Van Gogh and Paul Gauguin were alive today, this is the kind of event they'd want to attend... if it were offered it at Pont-Aven, an international artists' colony in Brittany that powered the Post-Impressionist art movement.  Exercises will include tantric/qigong practices for clearing and opening the energy channels so that kundalini or life force energy can flow uninhibited throughout the body and into your drawing hand, resulting in a state of heightened awareness and flow. The group will then create an emotional energy field around the nude model, using intention, breath, sound and movement to open up to ecstatic oneness with your Inner Divine Creativity. Prepare to have fun!  This process is a creative catalyst, healing art form and transformational tool - you will discover a myriad of ways to integrate this into your life and work.

Here is just a portion of what you will learn:

  • How to liberate true emotion using art as a transformational tool
  • How to connect drawing to your breath and movement
  • How to connect with your model in a deep and profound way
  • Simple & systematic exercises that guarantee producing notable and empowered drawings
  • Your initial drawings will be a reflection of your own energy patterns as you draw your inner self-portrait
  • As you draw, you will open yourself to receiving psychic information about the meaning of the drawings

Amber St. Germain is a practicing yogini and tantrica, having studied with well-known teachers like Daniel Odier, Jwala, and Charles Muir. She also has a background in the expressive arts and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Psychology at the Santa Barbara Institute.  Amber will lead this special Ecstatic Art workshop on the weekend following the teleseminar.


Cost:  $125 per person plus $35 art supply & model fee, 20% discount for Life School Enrolled Students



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