Do hotels allow guests in their room


Do hotels allow guests in their room

This is, of course, not about friends, acquaintances, who came to a cup of tea. How will the hotel react to the fact that, having paid for the accommodation of two in a double or triple room, you will shelter someone else for the night? There is no definite answer, different hotels have different policies, but in general the attitude will be rather negative due to the potential threat to general security. All official guests are registered, anyone can enter the hotel without registration, and if they stay overnight, they can do anything. And then it will not be possible to calculate it: there will be no information about it. Hotels transfer data about guests to the migration service. Does the guest have problems with the law if he is not officially registered? If such a fact “emerges”, the owner of the hotel faces a fine.

And from an economic point of view, this is unprofitable for the hotel: it is not for nothing that the cost depends on the number of guests, and not on the number of seats in the room. Bed linen, toiletries – all this is consumed and calculated by the residents.

Therefore, it is better to pay extra for each new tenant and formalize it. Check with the administrator for the cost, usually this is the price of an extra bed. If a guest requires you to move to a larger room, the total cost of the stay will be recalculated. So it is better to plan everything in advance and book the right room: it is both more convenient and in most cases cheaper.

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