European hotels to ditch personal toiletries


European hotels will ban individual toiletries

The European Commission has proposed a ban on the use of toiletries in European hotels under the new regulations to reduce waste. The latter prohibit hoteliers from offering their customers disposable shampoo bottles, body lotions and shower gels.

Instead, hotels will now have to use large reusable upside-down bottles. containers with a dispenser, or guests will have to bring hygiene products with them.

Each European country produces an average of almost 180 kilograms of plastic waste. The report of the European Commission notes that the packaging — one of the main uses of plastic materials: 40% of the plastic and 50% of the paper used in the EU is used for packaging. And if no action is taken, these numbers will continue to rise. In 2023, the amount of packaging waste in general will increase by 19 percent, and plastic waste — 46 percent.

New changes aim to stop this process and encourage consumers to choose reusable packaging.

The move is part of the European Green Deal's Circular Economy Action Plan to make packaging recyclable within the next eight years.

In an effort to encourage packaging reuse, service providers across industries are offering reusable alternatives e.g.: mass media, e-mail checks, drinks to take away.

Thus, disposable packaging for drinks and food, fruits and vegetables will be prohibited, as well as miniature shampoo bottles and other « ;excesses» in hotels.

This proposal will soon be discussed by the European Parliament and the Council before a decision is made on how and when it will be implemented.

The Council and the European Parliament intend to reach an agreement on amendments to the EU legislation on emissions addressed to the aviation sector. According to the document, the emission monetization system will be applied to domestic flights in Europe.

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