Everyone scolds, but we liked it, this is the real Thailand: a review of Pattaya


Everyone scolds, but we liked it, this is the real Thailand: a review of Pattaya

Tonkosti.ru reader Anna Kombarova has never vacationed in Thailand, but she heard a lot about the pros and cons of vacationing there from her friends. “All people are different, everyone has their favorite resorts, restaurants, excursions, but all my friends are unanimous in one thing: the worst place in Thailand is Pattaya! Anywhere but Pattaya! And my husband and I looked after an inexpensive tour there: before the New Year, we decided to take a short vacation for ourselves, change the situation, ”says the tourist.

The tour was taken for 126 thousand for two people

The price includes flights, insurance, The Zign 5 * hotel for 8 nights, transfer and one sightseeing tour. Meals – breakfast only.

The direct flight to Pattaya is almost 11 hours, hard, it is the longest flight in my life. Transfer to the airport for another 1.5 hours. On the way we were offered water, juices, snacks. Thanks to the host, because after the flight I really wanted to eat. There was no food during the flight, only water, tea, coffee and a bun. Stock up on candy bars and other snacks.

The Zign 5* is simply amazing

It was the hotel that helped to fall in love with Pattaya, we liked everything here! The hotel is located in the north, it is quiet, calm and, most importantly, clean! The room is just perfect!

Although I read in the reviews that Russian tourists can be given some terrible rooms, we have not experienced this ourselves.1/1

The staff is friendly and sociable. They don’t speak Russian, but they know a couple of words: “hello”, “thank you”, they say, and it’s nice. I also learned the main magic words in Thai: “sawatdi” and “laon”. In any country, the locals will always be pleased if you say hello and thank them in your native language. Upon check-in, you will be asked to leave a deposit of 2000 THB, but it will be returned in full, without any tricks.

So, we got an excellent room: large, with a terrace, with a good view. New furniture, excellent cleaning.1/1

Food is super

Friends have always said that hotel food is the weak side of all hotels in Thailand. That it makes no sense to overpay for a 5 * hotel, if the same is true in the “triples”. But we managed to book an inexpensive “five”, and this is in fact 4 * in terms of food, service and services. But these are not Egyptian stars that the hotelier himself invents: for breakfast there were about 10 different hot dishes, a lot of fresh and hot pastries, Belgian waffles that you can easily cook yourself.

Despite the fact that the hotel is a large multi-storey building, there is no feeling of an anthill. The area is great, lots of seating areas. The pool is large, unusual, clean, with a comfortable temperature. The second pool is upstairs, but we never swam there, the upper pool seems to have been occupied by Chinese tourists 24 hours a day.

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    But our hotel is very clean. If you walk along the coast, you can find several other excellent beaches, one even overlooking a beautiful temple.

    After rain or a night storm, it may throw garbage, but the beach is cleaned regularly and carefully.1/1

    Beaches are better on the islands : You can't argue with that. We took excursions, they sell them at every step, there are Russian-speaking groups or mixed ones, with different sights on the route. In general, for every taste and budget. We didn’t even look for excursions somewhere in advance, we just took the first ad that came across. Prices are about the same for everyone, we found out while walking in the city. Even at the hotel, the prices for excursions are not too high.

    We really liked Pattaya

    A colorful city, a lot of entertainment, cafes and restaurants. The atmosphere is indescribable. We are very glad that we had our first acquaintance with the country in Pattaya. It seems to me that this city is the real Thailand, without embellishment.

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