Flight attendants to stage protest ahead of Chinese New Year


Stewardesses to stage a Chinese New Year protest

In their open letter, the flight attendants association Cathay Pacific has warned passengers that travel plans will be disrupted due to the strike starting January 19.

“We always work from the bottom of our hearts, but today our hearts are broken, — the union said in a letter released on Tuesday. Cathay flight attendants say they 'reached the limit' after mass layoffs and wage cuts, as well as staff cuts and breaks between flights.

“These cuts have an impact on customer safety and lead to slow in-flight service, which undoubtedly affects the overall experience of passengers” ;, — continued in the letter.

At the same time, the union does not agree with the management of the carrier, who claims that the protest action will not affect flight operations in the upcoming peak days.

Flight attendants are advised to strictly follow all rules and procedures, note the most minor problems that are usually postponed at a later date. Then the strike will achieve the goal — workers will be heard, and the action itself will lead to delays or even non-flights.

The union is also urging flight attendants to refrain from overtime and extra work and to speak up about illness if they feel unwell.

Flight attendants are particularly unhappy with the reduction in staff on board and rest periods. The airline says it's working to improve the situation and is hiring cabin crew again, but warned it could take months for a dramatic change in working conditions.

Cathay Pacific has already struggled to restore operations to full capacity after nearly three years of pandemic-fueled cuts , but now the airline again does not have time, although it is trying to restore its network and schedule — almost all travel restrictions were lifted too abruptly and without warning.

Airline officials say all flights operate with at least the minimum number of flight attendants required by law, and in fact “there is no problem safety.”

The airline said in a statement that it “appreciates the patience of our flight attendants.”

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