Given: the beach and girls in bathing suits. Task: to distinguish Russian from European


Given: beach and girls in bathing suits. Task: to distinguish Russian from European

Some 10 years ago it was simple: heels, makeup and a general dress look to show off in all its glory. But gradually, our girls played enough of beach queens, collecting admiring (option: puzzled) looks, and it became easier to relate to their own appearance. As a result, they immediately became less different from foreigners. But still, there is a difference, and a Russian woman can be identified even if she does not utter a word. Here are some tips from “Subtleties”.

Pedicure and manicure

Most Russians no longer go to the beach in stilettos and in a shiny dress, but getting their hands and feet in order before a vacation by the sea is a sacred thing. Our woman will not miss a visit to a beauty salon or paint her own nails properly. Europeans are less likely to bother with this, as well as other beauty procedures. And Russians also love beautiful beach shoes, against which neatly painted nails look especially impressive: flip flops with multi-colored belts and rhinestones, slates of unusual colors. Rubber slippers and especially crocs are rarely worn.


European ladies are more loose and at ease. This is noticeable in the gestures, gait and postures that they take in the sun loungers. Women from Russia are more collected and focused. They seem to be ready to repel an attack at any moment. Although they smile, sincerely enjoying the sea and the sun, they cannot completely mimic relaxed European women. Some tourists from the Russian Federation, on the contrary, behave loudly and slightly aggressively. They occupy all the space around, forcing the French and the Germans to nervously move their sunbeds away. Usually this behavior is typical for the fair sex older.


On the public beaches of a number of European countries, it is quite legal to sunbathe topless. Often, women of a very respectable age lie topless under the sun and walk in this form along the seashore arm in arm with their husbands, without causing any public outcry. A Russian woman is unlikely to dare to do this – except perhaps a very young girl, completely confident in her own irresistibility. Well, that's it. Russian men on the beaches from different points of view.

Un Certain Regard

Whatever one may say, you can't hide the mind anywhere. Still, the look of Russian women is deeper and more meaningful. Some penetrating, evaluating, sometimes condemning. And again, the notorious mentality is to blame for everything – all our true intentions are written on the face, we are not accustomed to hypocrisy. If a resident of Europe does not pay attention at all or casually looks, giving a faceless neutral smile, then a Russian may look in such a way that a refined Dutchman will feel uncomfortable. But in the end, if you don’t get too hung up, don’t listen and look closely, the difference on the beaches between Russians and Europeans today is vanishingly small. Everyone is sunbathing, swimming and admiring the sea.

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