Helping Your Child Transition Into Pre-K

Transitioning into pre-K can be difficult for some children. After all, the schedule is typically much more rigid than the typical daycare schedule that your child may be used to. If you have a four-year-old who is having problems adjusting to pre-K Tampa, consider rewarding him or her with a special treat for good behavior at school. This can include a date night with Mom or Dad, a new toy or an extra half hour of screen time at home.

Date Night With Mom or Dad

Kids love one-on-one attention, and once of the best ways to do this is with a special night set aside for your little one to enjoy as the center of Mom or Dad’s attention. With the anticipation of getting to spend a whole evening with a parent doing something fun, your child may feel more inclined to follow the rules.

New Toy

Setting a goal for your child with a toy as a reward can be a valuable motivator. You can tell your child that if he or she goes a whole week without any disciplinary action he or she can choose a new toy at the store. Creating a goal with a tangible outcome can help a child remember why it is so important to behave well at school.

Extra Screen Time

If you are looking for a reward that will not break the bank, consider allowing your child to have an extra half hour or a full hour of screen time on the weekend. This is a powerful motivator as many children love to spend time playing on electronic devices.

Helping your child transition to pre-K does not have to be as scary as you might think; with a few tricks up your sleeve, you can help make the transition go much more smoothly.