Hong Kong opened to international tourists in just one day


Hong Kong reopened to international tourists literally on the same day

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China again ready to receive business people and tourists. Moreover, without any complex requirements and restrictions. The drastic change in entry rules came into effect on Wednesday, December 14.

Masks are still required to be worn everywhere except for sports, restaurants are allowed to require proof of vaccination from diners. However, as of Wednesday, international travelers will no longer be subject to travel and entry restrictions due to COVID-19.

The COVID mobile app is also no longer a must-have for tourists.

Formerly everyone those entering Hong Kong had to quarantine in hotel rooms, unable to go out to restaurants, even inside the hotel itself. As of Wednesday, the quarantine has been lifted.

Now everyone arriving from abroad, including local residents, is allowed to enter all locations, provided that they test negative for COVID-19 upon arrival.< /p>

One by one, gyms, clubs and beauty salons are reopening.

The Hong Kong Minister of Health explained that coronavirus patients isolated at home will no longer be required to wear tracking electronic bracelets that restrict their movement.

The people of Hong Kong have openly opposed the policy of the authorities regarding the rules for combating COVID-19, as it really threatened its competitiveness and status as an international financial center.

Hong Kong from the very beginning of the pandemic closely followed the “zero tolerance” strategy; China to combat COVID-19, but this August began to gradually ease restrictions.

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