Hot, expensive, but perfect: a review of a trip to Israel


Hot, expensive, but perfect: a review of a trip to Israel reader Natasha has long dreamed of visiting Israel: to be precise, she was waiting for the trip for two whole years. Whether the result was worth the wait and why the country is so interesting – in its detailed review.

Flying with El Al

On board, free tea/coffee was distributed, as well as meals – a sandwich and a cupcake and a bottle of water per person half an hour or an hour before landing.

The plane landed at the Tel Aviv airport and we were taken to the first hotel in Tiberias. The vacation immediately began actively: on the very first day, we were waiting for trekking along Mount Arbel. The route seemed very difficult, although in our group the average age was 28-32 years. Then we were told that this track was designed for children – and we saw how a group of guys followed us almost stepping on our heels with a brisk step … But the views were unforgettable, and no one regretted that they went hiking. We spent the next day in Tel Aviv. By the way, this city is in the top 10 most expensive cities in the world.

I was most impressed by Jerusalem!

Honestly, I expected to see a magnificent city, but it exceeded all expectations. Jerusalem has everything: all religions, all entertainment, many parks. The most memorable experience of the trip from here is also a walk through the local Mahane Yehuda market. During the day, this is the most common food market where you can buy sweets, tea, and so on. But in the evening, the bazaar turns into the center of Jerusalem's party life: loud music, crowds of people, bars, an indescribable atmosphere.

Night in the empty and the Dead Sea

According to the program, we almost always lived in hotels, only once spent the night in the desert in the camp of Kfar Ha-Nokdim. The night in the desert was just amazing. There is no Internet here: only you and the endless night sky! Real unity with nature.

Well, my favorite place in the Middle East is the Dead Sea. A few years ago, while vacationing in Jordan, I was already there, and I had only the best impressions.

The Dead Sea in July is very hot!

We were in the Ein Bokek resort when the air temperature approached +40 C °, and the water temperature was about +36 C °. I wanted to swim, but it was very, very hot, so I didn't dare. sized/f550x700/7b/ih/7bihf6zqhekgw4888kwg80g4g.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Hot, expensive, but perfect: a review of a trip to Israel

Do I need Hebrew on the trip?

Not required, but street names are not always duplicated in English – this should be borne in mind. But knowledge of English is highly desirable, I came across very few Russian-speaking residents. /f550x700/2b/tv/2btvm30s1pc0scwsc0sww8gkw.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Hot, expensive, but perfect: a review of a trip to Israel

About local cuisine

During the trip, I ate mainly in the hotels where we stayed. There were several samples of local cuisine, but it was not possible to fully know it. The country has a developed culture of fast food, mainly shvarma, it is also our shawarma. The taste is almost the same, only the size is decently larger.

Once we dined with friends in a cafe in Tel Aviv, for three of us it cost 180 ILS, it was delicious, a friend ordered fish – very tasty and tender. But the well-known hummus in Israel did not like it at all. Maybe they make it for tourists without spices? I wanted more spiciness and spiciness.

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White muscat wine – 25 ILS, mini-bottle of red wine – 6 ILS. They drank the wine, it turned out to be very even nothing, despite the fact that it was bought on the market. Cocktail at the bar – 44 ILS.

Eye cream – 69 ILS, set of 3 creams – 30 ILS, two packs of Dead Sea mud – 30 ILS.

Coffee + brownies at a chain coffee shop – 32 ILS, nuggets and milkshake at McDonald's – 32 ILS, average ice cream – 22 ILS. Many brought dollars with them. It is also easier to exchange dollars in an exchanger, but rubles are also exchanged. In some tourist places, you can even pay with them.

In general, a couple of times in Flying to Israel for a holiday is ideal

But living there is very difficult: a very harsh climate – high temperatures. It's hard for us to get used to this! And the prices are quite high too.

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