How to distinguish Russian tourists at the airport: 5 features


How to distinguish Russian tourists at the airport: 5 features

At a foreign airport, any attempt to pass for a foreigner in front of compatriots, a Russian tourist will fail almost with a full guarantee. We can smell each other a mile away: here at least be silent and smile, imitating polite Europeans, at least speak in pure English with a deliberate American pronunciation. But how do foreigners themselves determine that they have a traveler from Russia? There are several indirect signs.

  1. A trip to a resort for a Russian is like a holiday. And he prepares for it with all seriousness. Maybe that's why our faces bear the stamp of concentration and responsibility. No, we are not at all gloomy and not gloomy, it's just that there are so many things to keep in mind at the same time. And in general, our cultural code does not imply relaxation, cheerful chirping and lightness of being. It's time for everyone to get used to it. Even at the baggage check-in desk, a “typical Russian” will look like a final exam and answer questions with carefully calibrated phrases. What can we say about customs control?
  1. It is very important for a Russian tourist not to be late for a flight. He is one of the first to arrive at the airport and is constantly in a hurry to check in, check in his luggage, run around all the shops. So that later, with a sense of accomplishment, to miss a couple of hours in the landing zone.
  2. Russians are people with a heightened sense of justice, sometimes in a very peculiar way. We won't let anyone hurt us. The average European is unlikely to ever understand that in our country they live according to their conscience, and not according to the law. Representatives of the low-cost airline require you to pay for additional baggage right at the gangway of the plane and are not allowed into the cabin? The Russian, without hesitation, will rebel and defend his rights, while not forgetting to express his attitude to all these stupid rules. Airports have strict regulations for almost all procedures. For the most part, passengers comply with it and treat the restrictions calmly, but for some reason it is the Russians who are most outraged in public.

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  1. Duty free shopping is our national sport. If you see a person hung with bags from a duty-free shop, there are high chances that this is the proud owner of a passport with a two-headed bird on the red cover. Foreigners, of course, are also bought there, but in such quantities – very rarely. Although, of course, there are exceptions.
  2. And travelers from Russia do not sit and sleep on the floor in waiting rooms, as foreigners do. Is that if the flight was postponed for many hours, and there is absolutely nowhere to go. Children also behave quite restrainedly – parents usually forbid them to wallow anywhere, lick the railings with turnstiles and crawl between the rows of seats in the departure zone. Passengers from other countries take it easier.

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