How to get from Minsk to Moscow in 2023?


Like to get from Minsk to Moscow in 2023?

In the spring of 2022, the two countries removed all COVID restrictions and now crossing the Belarusian-Russian border has again become a formality. Sometimes border guards appear on trains to check passports. But this is rather an exception to the rule.

No PCR tests and applications for the trip are no longer needed. You can read more about this in the article at the link below.

Well, in this text, I will fully concentrate on issues directly related to the trip.

  • How to get from Minsk to Moscow?
  • How to find accommodation in Russia after the departure of AIRBNB and Booking?
  • And how to buy all the tickets without a trip to the station? Read about all this below.

The most budget option: bus Minsk – Moscow

How to get from Minsk to Moscow in 2023 year?

Even last year, it was possible to travel to the Russian Federation by bus only if there were “reasons”. In March 2022, this rule was abolished. Therefore, now this route again remains one of the most popular.

Where to buy tickets and see the schedule? On the website INFOBUS.BY.

Actual prices range from 50 to 70 rubles for a one-way trip.

Travel time: 9-11 hours (depending on the specific flight and number of stops).

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How to get from Minsk to Moscow in 2023?

Pros: relative cheapness and a large number of flights.

Cons: low comfort level. Like it or not, a bus is a bus. You will sleep sitting, and the passenger in front will definitely fold the back of his chair onto your knees. The driver will turn on a third-rate series about the everyday life of the Russian police. And Russian roads will invigorate you better than morning coffee.

Where can I find discounts and promotions?

How to get from Minsk to Moscow in 2023?

Promo tariffs are like one-day butterflies. Today is, but tomorrow is not. But if in this life you behaved well and often enough removed grandmothers from trees, it’s still quite possible to find a ticket with a discount.

Most often I myself met promotions on the Intercars website. It can be sales in Honor of Christmas, Black Friday or Nigerian Miners' Day. All you need to do is go to the carrier's page, cross your fingers and check out the News & Promotions section. Well, then, as luck would have it.

How to get from Minsk to Moscow in 2023?

Actually, I myself keep track of discounts and promotions using two sites:


You can also add bookmark them. But here it is worth understanding that this is still a long game. You can't just click, go to some magical site and hope that cheap tickets from Minsk to Moscow will fall on you like January snow.

Where else can I find a bus ticket to Moscow?

On the websites of various private companies. For example:

  • VT.BY

For the most part, these are the same Tourist Class buses as those of the state carrier Minsktrans. But it's still worth checking out these sites. Suddenly, one of them will start some kind of sale or promotion.

Most often, I saw something similar at Intercars. She has sales almost every month. Here, for example, is a big sale dedicated to Christmas with 50% discounts.

Trains from Minsk to Moscow

How to get from Minsk to Moscow in 2023?

There are quite a few of them. And they are all very different. There are “international” class trains, where tickets are more expensive than air travel. There are so-called “Swallows” with seated cars. Here, tickets are relatively cheap, and such trains travel the fastest.

Where to buy tickets and see the schedule? On the website RW.BY.

The cheapest tickets cost 57 rubles. The most expensive ones are 10 times more expensive (579 BYN).

How to get from Minsk to Moscow in 2023?

Lastochka class train

Travel time for all trains is also different. “Swallows” spend a little less than 7 hours on the road. Other trains travel to Moscow for 8-10 hours.

How to find accommodation in Moscow (after the departure of AIRBNB and Booking)?

Difficult times force us to look for alternatives to the usual venues. I myself reviewed about a dozen different sites this spring, but I liked two the most.

  1. Islet is a good option for finding hotels.
  2. And is a kind of Russian an analogue of AIRBNB, betting on apartments and apartments.

How to get from Minsk to Moscow in 2023?

If you need to find comfortable accommodation for a trip to Russia, you can start your search with them. They accept cards of Belarusian and Russian banks without any problems; and they don’t impose any sanctions yet, so you can be calm about your booking.

How to get from Minsk to Moscow by plane?

The most the fastest and most comfortable option of all possible. If you are traveling with small children or just want to get to Moscow in 1 hour instead of 10, then the plane will be the best solution for you.

Where to buy tickets and see schedule? On the Aviasales website.

Prices start from 140 BYN for a one-way flight.

As to get from Minsk to Moscow in 2023?

Travel time: 1 hour 20 minutes.

Pros: high comfort, minimum travel time plus the Vitba waffle from our glorious Belavia airline.

Cons: minimum luggage at the cheapest fares + the time you have to spend at the airport. By the time you get to Smolevichi, by the time you go through all the security checks before boarding, it will take another 3-4 hours. Therefore, in fact, you can get to Moscow in at least 5 hours.

3 more options for getting from Minsk to Moscow

How to get from Minsk to Moscow in 2023?

The first of these are various private minibuses. They are relatively cheap. And there is free Wi-Fi. And on this, in general, their advantages end.

The salons are cramped. Many drivers force you to watch bad movies while driving. Yes, and they themselves are often specific people. Therefore, I would consider this option only as a last resort. You can find minibuses from Minsk to Moscow on the websites:


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At the end of the article, it is also worth remembering about rides from the BlaBlaCar website. It is difficult to predict their presence. But in extreme cases, you can consider this option too.

Do you need to go urgently, but there are no suitable tickets anywhere? Then check out the trips from Minsk to Smolensk. And from there you can already get to Moscow by trains and buses. You can see the schedule of Russian carriers here.

Well, on this major note, I will say goodbye. I hope my article will help you with the organization of the trip. I talked about all the possible options. And then the choice is yours.

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