How to get from Minsk to Vitebsk? 4 ways


How to get from Minsk to Vitebsk? 4 ways

There are now at least four ways to get to Vitebsk from Minsk:

  • By train
  • Bus

  • li>
  • By bus
  • And various passing cars.

The last two options are the most delusional (therefore, they should only be considered if your buttocks are not can live without adventure). But minibuses and trains in my personal rating are almost on an equal footing. Both options have their important advantages. And that's what we're going to talk about today.

Trains. Brief information

How to get from Minsk to Vitebsk ? 4 ways

Travel time: 3 to 5.5 hours.

Pros: comfortable and cheap.

How much is a train ticket from Minsk to Vitebsk? Most often, rubles 17-20. But there are both cheaper and more expensive places. For example, in a seated carriage of economy class lines, a ticket costs 8 BYN, and in a compartment carriage of an international train – about 30 BYN.

Where can I see the timetable? On the sites RW.BY or

Trains. The same, but in more detail.

7-8 trains run from Minsk to Vitebsk every day. There are nice “business class” trains, represented mainly by our Zaslavl Stadlers…

How to get from Minsk to Vitebsk? 4 ways

And there are “economy class” lines — simple and familiar, like the smell of freshly brewed rollton in the morning.

Actually, they are also quite good. There are old but quite comfortable chairs. The car has a toilet and vintage curtains on the windows. In fact, they differ from business class trains only in three things:

  • Novelty
  • Price
  • And the presence of sockets (old trains usually do not have them , so I always carried my charger with me).

In short, you can also ride on old trains. And the main disadvantage of cheap trains is usually only one – a longer travel time. Business class trains travel to Vitebsk in 3 hours, while the “old guard” takes as much as five and a half.

How to get from Minsk to Vitebsk? 4 ways

There are three ways to buy train tickets:

  • On the map online on the website of the Belarusian Railways (RW.BY);
  • Also on the map, but already in their mobile application of the Belarusian Railways;
  • And also in the old fashioned way – at the box office of the station (station Ploshchad Lenina metro station).

I like the first two options better. But if you are an Old Believer passenger, here is one good piece of advice for you. It is better to buy tickets not in the main building of the station, but in a small ticket office next door. It looks like this.

How to get from Minsk to Vitebsk ? 4 ways

It has the same functionality. And it differs from the main building only in shorter queues.

Minibus. Everything in a nutshell

Where can I find them? On the sites, and

How much does a minibus from Minsk to Vitebsk cost< /strong>? Usually 19-22 BYN. But carriers have promotions and discounts when the price drops to 17 or even 14 BYN. Therefore, I recommend checking all the sites I wrote about above one by one.

How to get from Minsk to Vitebsk? 4 ways

How long does a minibus travel from Minsk to Vitebsk? About 4 hours. There are flights that cover the distance between cities in 3 hours 45 minutes. And there are those that travel 40 minutes longer.

Minibuses. A few words from myself.

The main advantage of minibuses is that there are a lot of them. You can come at least in the morning, at least in the evening, at least for the third round of the Field of Miracles program.

How to get from Minsk to Vitebsk? 4 ways

Yes, they are a bit more expensive than trains. They cannot pay by card. And their salons are designed to test your knees for 3 hours.

But if you are not 2 meters tall (like I am), then this option can also be considered. Often there are even sockets and WI-FI. And the road, as you know, flies faster if gentle waves of free Internet tickle you along the way.

Buses to Vitebsk (and 3 reasons why you don’t need it) ?

How to get from Minsk to Vitebsk ? 4 ways

For the most part, these are the same minibuses, only older and sadder. At the time of publication of the article, flights are carried out on such excellent models as Crafter Lyubava and Neman 28 m.

And there are relatively few of them. And they often cost even more than private minibuses. Crafter Lyubava, of course, sounds romantic. But personally, I always considered the option with buses as a last resort.

A paragraph for those who still want to travel to Vitebsk by bus

How to get from Minsk to Vitebsk? 4 ways

Where can I see the schedule? On the sites and

Travel time: about 4 hours.

How much is a bus ticket from Minsk to Vitebsk? Approximately 20 rubles. Sometimes 19.80, sometimes 22 BYN. It all depends on the specific flight. More detailed information can be found at the ticket offices of the Central Bus Station (Ploshchad Lenina metro station) and on those sites that I mentioned a little higher.

Traveling to Vitebsk

How to get from Minsk to Vitebsk ? 4 ways

They can be found on the blablacar website, as well as in various VKontakte groups. For example, and But personally, this option seems to me the most unreliable.

How to find housing in Vitebsk now?

I think you all know as well as I do that Booking and AIRBNB no longer work in Belarus. Of course, hotels and apartments have not disappeared anywhere. But it definitely became more difficult to search and book them.

How to get from Minsk to Vitebsk? 4 ways

Alternatively, I can advise you two sites:

< ul>

  • And Ostrovok.
  • The first one became a replacement for AIRBNB and collected a lot of apartments and apartments on its pages. And the second one focuses on hotels. And he tries to become the second Booking. There are more good apartments in Vitebsk than good hotels. Therefore, if I were you, I would start looking with them.

    You can also search for housing on various Belarusian sites with ads. These are, and some others.

    But the owners of apartments here are left to their own devices. Many people list their prices as “From” and simply create a new ad if bad reviews appear under the old one. Therefore, I like these sites much less.

    How to get from Minsk to Vitebsk? 4 ways

    A very exotic way to find accommodation in Vitebskis to look again at the website of the Belarusian Railways (RW.BY). Click on the “Passenger Services” tab. Open the page “Railway stations” and select the city of Vitebsk. After that, you will see prices and photos of local rest rooms operating at the city railway station. The interiors there are like in a Soviet sanatorium during perestroika. But then you can tell everyone that you spent the night at the station.

    How to get from Minsk to Vitebsk? 4 ways

    You can book a room (or rather, a place in a room) by calling (+375 212) 33 22 88. At the time of publication of the article, a single room costs 48 BYN. Double – 65 rubles 54 kopecks.

    As for hostels, there are only a few in Vitebsk.

    How to get from Minsk to Vitebsk? 4 ways

    < p>H.O. Hostel has the best reviews. And it is located in the very center of the city. You can see all the details on the website

    What to see in the city?

    How to get from Minsk to Vitebsk 4 ways

    If you are a tourist and you are going to Vitebsk to try to take the same epic photos there as I do, then be sure to read the article at the link below.

    < p> There I talked about the main attractions of the city and shared my impressions of the city. And there are some really cool photos in this article. Let them be your inspiration.

    Excursions in Vitebsk

    If you like walking around the city with a guide, then check out my selection of excursions given below. There are classic walks and author's stories about the most mystical and mysterious places in the city.

    I think you will have plenty to choose from. Well, now I just have to say goodbye. If my article helped you, you can share it with your friends or write a good comment. For you, this is just a couple of seconds – and I will be pleased.

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