How to get to Kossovo Castle from Minsk and Brest?


As to get to the Kossovsky castle from Minsk and Brest?

Kossovo Castle is like Tambov from Murat Nasyrov's song, because planes don't fly there today and even trains don't go there. You can get to Kossovo only with a transit stop in Ivatsevichi (and even then, only after a fair amount of valerian). I'll tell you everything now, and you be careful. Here, of course, everything is very confusing. Therefore, let's deal with everything progressively.

Step One: Ivatsevichi

How to get to Kossovsky castle from Minsk and Brest? /></p>
<p>So… First of all, you need to get to a romantic town called Ivatsevichi. Trains go there. Plus, it is located approximately in the middle between Minsk and Brest, so getting there is quite easy. Travel time:</p>
<li><em><strong>Minsk – Ivatsevichi</strong></em>: 2.5 hours.</li>
<li><em><strong> Brest – Ivatsevichi</strong></em>: about 1.5 hours.</li>
<p><em>See the schedule on the website of the Belarusian Railway – RW.BY or< /em>.</p>
<p><p><img decoding=Step two: Kossovo

Several buses and minibuses travel from Ivatsevichi to Kossovo. But (!) at the local bus station they love to surprise passengers so much that you will not find their schedule anywhere. On the website of the Kossovo Castle, there is such a layout of flights. -iz-minska-i-bresta-59d1a66.jpg” alt=”How to get to the Kossovsky castle from Minsk and Brest?” />

Photo from

But, as they say: “This is Ivatsevichi, baby.” Therefore, one half of the buses from this plate have long been canceled, and the second was postponed.

The good news is that you will definitely leave for Kossovo Castle. You don't have to worry about this. But when (or rather, at what time) this will happen is quite difficult to predict.

I myself arrived from Minsk by train at 10:15 in the morning. And at 11:30 I got on the minibus Ivatsevichi – Kossovo (3.5 BYN). It takes about 30 minutes to get to the castle. Therefore, at noon I was already there.

How to get to Kossovsky castle from Minsk and Brest? /></p>
<p>Beautiful stained-glass windows in the Puslovsky Palace</p>
<p>The return buses were at 13:00 and 15:00, and of course I chose the latter. I also tried to find out about later flights, but at that moment my Pikachu charm left me. The serious woman at the window knitted her eyebrows and said in displeasure that I was asking too many questions. And the Ivatsevichi, apparently, do not forgive this.</p>
<h3 style=So what should you do to plan everything in advance?

Call the Ivatsevichy bus station. Their phone number is +375 (1645) 2-49-50. It's easy to call. It is more difficult to catch the moment when the woman on the other end of the wire will have a good mood. Therefore, it’s better to think right away what you will ask her.

Excursions to Kossovo Castle

How to get to Kossovsky castle from Minsk and Brest? /></p>
<p>It is much easier to go to the Puslovsky Palace along with an excursion. You will be picked up by bus from Minsk, taken to the castle, and on the way they will tell many interesting stories about the fate of the complex itself and its former owners.</p>
<p>In addition to the castle in Kossovo, you will also see the neighboring Ruzhany Palace and the Tadeusz Kosciuszko Museum. Therefore, get ready for the fact that the trip will stretch for the whole day.</p>
<p>You can find out the cost of the tour and see all the details here. If you are traveling without a car, this is the best option for the trip.</p>
<h3 style=How to get to the Ruzhany Palace on your own?

Combine the Kossovo and Ruzhany castles within one trip. I knew that there are flights that alternately pass both points. But I didn’t manage to find out their schedule (and call the Kossovo bus station).

I found normal information only on the site There you can see the schedule of minibuses from Ivatsevichi to Ruzhany. -iz-minska-i-bresta-434d7c7.png” alt=”How to get to Kossovo Castle from Minsk and Brest?” />

Therefore, I decided not to take risks, and after visiting the Kossovo castle, I returned to the Ivatsevichi railway station. There I took a minibus to Ruzhany and went to see the Sapieha palace complex. Yes, it's a hook. But I was able to more or less plan everything in advance.

  • Ticket price Ivatsevichi – Ruzhany: 3.6 – 4.5 BYN.
  • Travel time between cities: 50 minutes.

Conclusion from all that was said above

How to get to the Kossovo castle from Minsk and Brest?

Ruzhansky Palace

My whole route looked like this:

  1. Minsk – Ivatsevichi (train)
  2. Ivatsevichi – Kossovo (bus)
  3. Kossovo – Ivatsevichi (bus)
  4. Ivatsevichi – Ruzhany (bus)
  5. Ruzany – Brest (bus)
  6. < li>Brest-Minsk (train).

Should we recommend something similar to normal adequate people? Of course not! Only if you (like me) are a fan of travel masochism and are not averse to making fun of your body.

For everyone else, I advise two things:

  • Pay attention again to excursions to Kossovo and Ruzhany (this is really the best option for a trip);
  • Or choose only one of the two castles for yourself (and do not try to embrace the immensity).

How to get to Kossovo Castle from Minsk and Brest?

As I said, you can get to the Puslovsky Palace by public transport. Yes, due to the lack of a normal schedule, the trip will carry a piece of extravagant unpredictability. But you will definitely (!) arrive in Kossovo, and you will definitely (!) return back to Ivatsevichi (from where trains to Brest and Minsk depart).

If you suddenly need housing…

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After Booking and AIRBNB left us, this is the best option to find an overnight stay while traveling around Belarus. For example, you can arrange a big trip to Kossovo — Ruzhany — Brest and stretch such a trip for a whole weekend. Turn on your imagination and go.

How to get to Kossovo Castle from Minsk and Brest?

And I can only share with you my article about the sights of Brest and say goodbye. I hope my story will help you prepare a little better for the trip.

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