How to get to Nesvizh from Minsk: 4 best ways | Blog of Anton Borodachev


How to get to Nesvizh from Minsk: 4 best ways | Anton Borodachev's blog

There are at least 4 ways to get to Nesvizh Castle from Minsk:

  • By bus
  • By minibus
  • As part of an organized tourist group;
  • And also by train (with a transit stop in Gorodeya).
Which one to choose already depends on how much you want to mock yourself. Since each of the four options has both pros and cons. It is about them that we will talk today. So make some tea and let's figure it out.

Trip with a tour

How to get to Nesvizh from Minsk: 4 best ways | Anton Borodachev's blog

Let's start with a simple one (since everything is very clear here). This is the most expensive, but at the same time the most comfortable way to get to Nesvizh. You will be picked up at the Station Square, taken to the Nesvizh Castle, told the history of these places, and in the middle of the day they will also be fed a delicious lunch with an abundance of traditional Belarusian dishes. Also this tour includes another famous castle – Mirsky. Therefore, in one day you can see two TOP sights of Belarus at once.

You can find all the details and book a seat on the bus here.

Pros: Lunch included, guide services, the opportunity to go to the World, as well as full support during the trip.

Cons: relatively high price. At the time of publication of the article, such an excursion for the whole day costs 80-100 BYN.


How to get to Nesvizh from Minsk: 4 best ways | Anton Borodachev's blog

An option that I would not seriously consider at all, since there are very few of these same buses. They depart from the “Central Station” of the city of Minsk (near the metro station “Lenin Square”). There is a board with the flight schedule and a kind aunt in the “Information” window. Therefore, finding your bus is as easy as possible (even if you are not from Minsk and have poor orientation in the city).

The flight schedule can be viewed in advance on two sites:

  • < u>Infobus. by

At the moment, the bus layout looks like this…

< p>

How to get to Nesvizh from Minsk: 4 best ways | Anton Borodachev's blog

And as you can see, everything here is as inconvenient as possible. There are no morning flights. And there are very few buses. Therefore, only those who are going to spend the night in Nesvizh should consider this option.

Ticket price: 7.5 BYN.

Travel time: 2 hours.

Private company routes

How to get to Nesvizh from Minsk: 4 best ways | Anton Borodachev's blog

I don't like them either (because I'm almost 2 meters tall). But honestly, it is worth recognizing that they have several important advantages of their own.

Firstly, there are a lot of them. You can leave for Nesvizh at almost any convenient time. Therefore, this option is well suited for those who go to the castle for half a day (in the morning there – in the evening back).

Also, buses are relatively cheap. And many of them have WI-FI (and, as you know, everything gets better with it).

How to get to Nesvizh from Minsk: 4 best ways | Anton Borodachev's blog

See flight schedules and current prices on the websites of private carriers:


In the meantime, you rejoice, anticipating low prices and free internet, I will tell a few words about the shortcomings of Nesvizh minibuses .

Let's start with the fact that the cars themselves are very sad there. This is not a museum rarity, but you should not expect anything special from them. “Polite Drivers” only seem polite when compared to Freddy Krueger. And they are very fond of arranging their stops in rather exotic places. Therefore, get ready for the landing site to be “300 meters under the bridge, opposite the Pedagogical University.”

How to get to Nesvizh from Minsk: 4 best ways | Anton Borodachev's blog

It seems to me that for tourists it will not be very comfortable. But residents of Minsk can consider this option. Especially if you live in the south of the city. On the way, minibuses stop at every metro station from the Institute of Culture to Malinovka. Therefore, you can “catch” transport right at your home.

Electric train Minsk-Gorodeya + bus Gorodeya-Nesvizh

Another option for those who likes to challenge himself. Every day a huge number of electric trains run from Minsk to Gorodeya, which depart almost every hour (as early as 4 am). Travel costs 2-3 BYN. At the same time, you can buy a ticket with an “open” departure time. That is, you buy one ticket and ride on any train that is more convenient for you. Well, or on the one that you have time to…

How to get to Nesvizh from Minsk: 4 best ways | Anton Borodachev's blog

The only thing , what you need to pay attention to here is that different trains leave from different stations. Some – from the main railway station in Minsk. And some from the station “Institute of Culture” (you can get there by metro). Also keep in mind that not only electric trains, but also trains travel from Minsk to Gorodeya. You can find them in the schedule at a higher cost. If the flight costs 2-3 rubles, then you have an electric train in front of you. If 8-12 BYN – then the train.

You can view the train schedule using the service And the train schedule on the website RW.BY.

Gorodeya Bus — Nesvizh

Electric trains from Minsk to Gorodeya take about 2 hours (sometimes a little less). And now from Gorodeya to Nesvizh very close. The journey from one city to another takes only 15 minutes. As a rule, flights from Gorodeya to Nesvizh fit well with the train schedule. And there are a lot of buses themselves.

How to get to Nesvizh from Minsk: 4 best ways | Anton Borodachev's blog

The Gorodeya bus and railway station are located in the same building. You can buy tickets either at the ticket office of the bus station (immediately after arrival), or directly from the driver. They cost — pennies.

Pros of a multipart trip: very cheap and very colorful. Personally, it’s usually more pleasant for me to travel by train than by minibus.

Cons: the need to transfer from one transport in another. Terrible toilets in some trains. Also, people who sell tickets from Gorodeya to Nesvizh apparently believe that their buses are dimensionless. Therefore, get ready to sniff other people's tops on the road … Well, or armpits.

How to get from the station to Nesvizh Castle?

On foot. It's not far there. Plus, take a look at the City Hall along the way.

How to get to Nesvizh from Minsk: 4 best ways | Anton Borodachev's blog

In general, all roads in Nesvizh lead towards the castle. There are many pointers. And you can ask the locals for directions. However, I myself recommend that you use the mobile app MAPS.ME. This is a convenient offline navigator that allows you to easily find your way from point A to point B. The main thing is not to forget to download the map of Nesvizh in the application in advance (it's free).

Excursions in Nesvizh

In principle, if you arrive in the city by public transport, then if you wish, you can still go on an excursion with a guide. You can book a tour in the window below. This is the cheapest and most well-reviewed option I've found.

The guide will meet you near the station or near the town hall — will tell about the history of the Nesvizh Castle, show the Bernardine Monastery, the Farny Church and other iconic points of the city. In fact, it will be even cheaper than a trip with a group tour. Therefore, be sure to consider this option too.

Well, if you prefer to walk around the city alone, then read my long article about Nesvizh. It will help you get a little better prepared for the meeting with this city.

How to find good accommodation in Nesvizh?

As I said, such a trip can easily fit within one day. In the morning you leave Minsk, in the evening you come back. Transport in both directions is quite frequent.

How to get to Nesvizh from Minsk: 4 best ways | Anton Borodachev's blog

But if you want to stay in the city longer, then pay attention to the Bialystok Hotel. Personally, I liked it at one time.

Look for other housing options in Minsk and Nesvizh on this site. Well, for now I can only indulge in nostalgia.

I would love to go to Nesvizh again. But when you have a small child, it's not so easy anymore. So take a walk there for me. Also follow me on Instagram. This year seems to be a year of traveling around Belarus for me.

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