In Argentina, a hijacked plane crashed 5 km from the airfield


A hijacked plane crashed in Argentina 5 km from the airfield

In Argentina, it crashed light aircraft crash, killing all five passengers. The Cessna T206H was allegedly stolen from a local flying club located in the Argentinean province of Chaco and crashed shortly after takeoff, just 5 km from the airfield. The incident occurred early in the morning on January 18. 

According to the first estimates, the plane ran out of fuel. Two local farm workers who saw the plane lose altitude and burst into flames on impact reported the crash to local police. According to eyewitnesses, one passenger was ejected from the plane just before impact with the ground, and the other four were killed in a fire.

A 2018 Cessna T206H belonged to a local farmer. Approximate cost of the car — 1.5 million dollars. It is not yet known why the plane was hijacked, but according to police, a gun and a satellite phone were found among the wreckage.

Investigation of the incident continues, the records of surveillance cameras installed in the flying club are being studied. The identities of the perpetrators are still unknown. “In any case, it will be very difficult to identify each of them, because the bodies were completely burned. If the Cessna had crashed in the city, there would have been a tragedy, — the police comment on the incident.

This is the second aircraft theft in the Chaco in recent weeks. Late last year, a group of thieves managed to escape to neighboring Bolivia in a light aircraft they stole from a nearby flying club, 161 kilometers east of here. It is believed that the incident was related to drug trafficking.

Cessna T206H — versatile light aircraft. Cessna 205, 206 & 207 — a family of light single-engine fixed landing gear aircraft. The combination of a powerful engine and a rugged design has made the aircraft popular in a variety of applications: surveillance flights, aerial photography and skydiving. Some examples have been fitted with amphibious floats for use as seaplanes.

Today, they are widely used by government and military operators around the world, including the US Air Patrol, the Colombian National Police and the Mexican Air Force.

A hijacked plane crashed in Argentina 5 km from the airfield

A modification of the Cessna T206H, similar to the one that crashed this week in Argentina, entered production in 1998. The aircraft can carry up to five passengers at a maximum flight altitude of 8 200 meters.

U.S. regional airline Yute Air Alaska, which unfortunately ceased operations in 2017, was one of the largest commercial operators of the larger Cessna 207 model. accommodating up to eight people. The airline had 12 Cessna 207s in its fleet, which it used to operate a variety of scheduled and charter flights serving remote communities throughout Alaska.

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