In Canada, this is how it should be: 6 unexpected features of local life


That's how it is in Canada: 6 unexpected features of local life

In the American animated series South Park, cartoon Canadians drizzle maple syrup over mac and cheese, speak strange English, insert the words “friend”, “buddy”, “sidekick” in place and out of place, and play flugelhorn jazz from 8 to 11. This exaggerated image is not entirely far from the truth, but Canada and its people surprise the world with other things, such as impeccable manners, boundless tolerance, and the best cities to live in.

1. Ultimate courtesy

They always hold the door, never forget to say hello and apologize with or without reason: even pushing a Canadian or stepping on his foot, get ready to hear not an angry rebuke, but a shy “sorry”. The locals literally absorb politeness formulas with their mother's milk, because they are taught good manners from early childhood. In dealing with foreigners, Canadians show angelic patience and try their best to understand them without interrupting or mocking. The British, by the way, have the same trouble (or victory), they are extremely polite. Read about this and 7 more strange rules of English life that will surprise you.

2. Canadian English

Canada has two official languages: Quebec and New Brunswick speak French, the rest speak English. But this is not British or American English, but something in between – the rules largely coincide with American ones, but some words are pronounced and written in the British manner (for example, color and favorite – through “ou”). In some expressions, French and English words are mixed up: Canadians call colored pencils pencils crayons – from English colored pencils and French crayons de couleur.

3. Freedom of self-determination

Since 2016, citizens of Canada can identify themselves not only as a man or a woman, but also tick the “third gender” box. 15 years ago, same-sex marriage was allowed in the country, gay pride parades are held annually in different provinces, and in Toronto there is a whole Gay Village area, where even pedestrian crossings are painted in rainbow colors. (I wonder how quickly such a riot of colors sets in?) 31/7i/317ijdy8g7msskocosco48c8g.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

That's the way it is in Canada: 6 unexpected features of local life

4. Fashion without rules

Comfort above all else is the basic formula of Canadian style. They don’t think much about propriety and decency here, so they casually wear shorts in November, come to business meetings in jeans and sneakers, and come to lectures in crumpled T-shirts and pajama pants.

In the outback, the denim total look is popular, which the malicious neighbors on the continent refer to as “Canadian tuxedo” or “hillbilly tuxedo”.

5. Dinner from the package

Canadian cuisine is not distinguished by sophistication – as a rule, it is simple, satisfying and not the most healthy food. Many people in the country rarely cook at home, preferring to reheat semi-finished products from the supermarket. Almost a national dish is considered Kraft Dinner — pasta with cheese, which is enough to pour boiling water and cover with cheese powder from a bag. Donuts from Tim Hortons coffee houses and shortbread baskets with maple syrup and nuts are very popular.

Besides maple syrup, Canada sells maple bread, maple chips, maple bacon and maple beer.

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