Kancho game: why do Japanese children give each other an “enema”?


Kancho game: Why do Japanese kids give each other enema?

Perhaps every nation has traditions, beliefs or games that cause persistent bewilderment in the rest of the world. In Japan, such a game, of course, also exists. It's called kancho(kancho), which translates as “enema”. Once upon a time, kancho was almost unknown to the world. But in the 2000s, she was shown in the Naruto manga called A Thousand Years of Pain and in some Japanese cartoons. Then pictures with sculptures depicting the game went around the world, her simulator (we're not kidding) was presented at the Tokyo Game Exhibition – and the kancho became famous. In South Korea and the Philippines, however, it was known even before that: there it has long been known under the names ttonchim and bembong.

Who is playing?

First of all, children give each other “enemas”. However, cheerful youth, and even respectable uncles in jackets, are not averse to “make happy” someone who gapes in this way. Especially for young girls. All it takes to get into the game is to put your fingers together like a pistol (thumbs are connected and raised up, index fingers are connected, straightened and pointing forward, the rest of the fingers are intertwined), sneak up on the victim and stick your fingers in her ass.

This is supposed to be fun. Fun is one of the varieties of “toilet humor”, the echoes of which are found in any country. But those who got the “enema” for some reason usually do not laugh. And those who “put it on” don’t think that fingers can be broken this way, they say, there were cases.

At some point, the victims of kancho, trying to discourage the merry fellows from playing it further, began to sue – but this did not help much. So everyone who is going to Japan is advised not to click their beak and, if possible, keep their backs to the wall – in a word, protect their rears in every possible way. Do you want to know 8 rules of Japanese life that will shock you?

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