Largest snow park in the Middle East opens in Oman


The largest snow park in the Middle East has opened in Oman

Located in the heart of The heart of the Mall of Oman, Snow Oman covers an area of ​​14,830 square meters. Main theme — “Desert Blizzard” — a fantasy world where Oman's cityscapes and sand dunes are covered in real snow.

Snow Oman features attractions for the whole family, all of which involve snow and ice in one way or another. Mountain Thriller, Snow Bullet, Snow Rollercoaster, Cloud Climber and zorbing — descent from the mountain in a transparent ball. Attractions are also unique: the Cold City of Muscat, the Ship Frozen in the Ice, the Lighthouse, and a 475 square meter skating rink.

Like sister brands Ski Dubai and Ski Egypt, Snow Oman “sheltered” colonies of king and gentoo penguins. They were housed in a purpose-built penguinarium.

In 2005, billionaire Majid Al-Futtaim first proposed a unique project in the Mall of the Emirates: Ski Dubai. The award-winning resort has been named the best indoor ski resort in the world for seven consecutive years by the prestigious World Ski Awards. In 2017, Ski Egypt opened at the Mall of Egypt and set a brand new record as the first of its kind on the African continent.

Snow Oman is free to enter. You can book tickets on the official website of the snow park. The cost of a day pass starts from 12.5 Omani rials, or approximately 2 350 rubles.

Premium all-inclusive ticket will cost 19.5 rials — 3 & nbsp; 650 rubles.

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