More than 300 flights canceled Wednesday at Berlin Brandenburg Airport


More than 300 flights will be canceled on Wednesday at Berlin Brandenburg Airport

This time the protest action will take so many workers are involved that the airport operator is forced to completely suspend flights on 25 January. The airport said more than 300 flights would be canceled and about 35,000 passengers would not fly anywhere.

Latest talks to prevent a strike fell through Monday night, prompting airport officials to contact airlines to suggest they cancel flights early.

Union says it expects 'a lot of participation' in the strike, first of all, workers of ground transport services, airport personnel and security services.

The demands of workers differ depending on the position, but in some cases the union demands an increase in wages of 500 euros per month. So far, however, employers' counteroffers “do not meet the demands of employees.”

Last year, German carrier Lufthansa suffered a warning strike that canceled almost 1,000 flights and left 134,000 passengers on the ground over a pay dispute labor and working conditions of ground personnel.

But the strike of the airline pilots was prevented at the last minute — the airline gave in to some of the union's wage demands.

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