My wife said to take it: I didn’t want to rent a car in Kaliningrad and oh, how wrong I was


My wife said to take it: I didn't want to rent a car in Kaliningrad and oh, I was wrong

Among the readers of “Subtleties” there are many who have traveled half of Russia in their car. Sergey from Dolgoprudny is just one of them. “My wife and I traveled around many regions in our Volkswagen: Moscow, Voronezh, Leningrad regions, Krasnodar Territory, Crimea,” he lists. — They looked towards Kaliningrad for a long time, but they didn’t have time to hit the road before the covid, and then all these troubles with visas began. We discussed that it would be possible to rent a car on the spot. My wife said to take it, but I didn’t want to — and oh, how wrong I was.”

Booking and payment

It is enough to score in the search “car rental in Kaliningrad”, and you can see that the city is full of rental offices. If you don’t want to choose in advance, you can rent a car right on the spot without prior reservation. True, a cat in a poke can get caught: a rather shabby car of an unusual brand.

But my wife and I wanted, firstly, that the company was large and proven (“I don’t really trust customer reviews” on the network). Secondly, so that everything can be decided in advance and not think on the spot which of the existing ones will suit us more.

Thirdly, we needed the same Volkswagen Polo as ours, then my wife agreed to steer too.

As a result, we found what we were looking for on Localrent: the car of the desired brand was just in stock. Of the documents, a passport and a license were required, they were calculated at all stages with a bank card, an advance is taken in the amount of 15–20% of the rental amount.

< h2>Choosing a car

At leisure, I wandered around the Localrent website and dreamed that I could rent an Audi Q7 (from 6760 RUB/day), a Peugeot 207 CC convertible (from 4100 RUB/day) – there are just two of us , or even invite friends with you and splurge all together on a 7-seater Citroen C4 Grand Picasso (from 3800 RUB/day). But, as I wrote earlier, this time we did not particularly choose: we needed a car of a specific brand – and it was also here.

We didn’t even have to make a deposit for the Volkswagen we chose, and the advance payment for the reservation amounted to a little more than 1500 RUB. We didn’t want to take the Super Casco, although for 8 days it would cost only 5600 RUB. But they included a second driver in the contract (this service is paid). In general, for 8 days of renting a Volkswagen Polo, a 2020 automatic with OSAGO, CASCO and free cancellation cost us 14,500 RUB (4,000 RUB of which are for the second driver).

The airport was chosen as the place of receipt and delivery, so as not to spend money on a taxi. But it was possible to order a car to the railway or bus station.

Expectation and reality

My wife and I rented a car for the first time in our lives and did not regret anything. There was a complete feeling that they rode on their own! The manager at the meeting explained that the car would need to be returned clean and with a full tank of gasoline: after all, we were given the same one. We inspected the car for damage and, out of curiosity, had a little chat with a company representative. He said that a deposit of 3,000–10,000 RUB and a mileage limit are set for many other cars. You pay a deposit in cash, give it back after inspecting the car upon return. Mileage should not exceed somewhere 250 km/day. But we didn't have any restrictions.

I believe that without a car, we would not have seen even half of what we saw “on wheels”.

We didn't have to depend on electric trains or, even worse, buses. First of all, we reached Zelenogradsk and the Curonian Spit, then we rode around the pretty Svetlogorsk, Baltiysk, where you can see swans and cool ships, Sovetsk, which has a very beautiful bridge of Queen Louise, the village of Yantarny. What is nice, many roads in the Kaliningrad region are very picturesque, with trees on both sides, and the settlements themselves are located not very far from Kaliningrad. So even moving here is quite comfortable.

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