Nesvizh or Mir: which castle is better?


Nesvizh or Mir: which better castles?

Of course, ideally, it is better to visit both of these castles. But if you have to choose, then I would advise Nesvizh. Here is such a short answer. In principle, we can say goodbye to this. But if you want to understand the topic thoroughly, then read this text to the end. Here I will explain:

  • How much does it cost to go to Mir and Nesvizh castles?
  • What sights surround them?
  • Where is the infrastructure better?
  • And which of them personally impressed me more.

Let's figure it out. Let's try to compare the two most popular attractions in Belarus.

How much does the trip cost?

Nesvizh or Mir: which castle is better?

So… Stock up on calculators and let's do the math.

Travel. Minibus “Minsk – World” costs 12 rubles. And the same minibus to Nesvizh will cost you almost half as much (7 BYN). Yes, the difference is small. But let's assume that the city of the Radziwills has the first plus.

Entrance feesboth castles cost almost the same. You will have to pay 15 rubles and 30 kopecks to enter the Nesvizh Castle. The price here does not change either on weekends or on weekdays. But the cost of tickets to the Mir castle complex depends on the day of the week. From Monday to Friday tickets cost 14 rubles. And on Saturday and Sunday – 16. You can save a little if you buy a ticket only (!) To the southwestern tower and prison casemates (6 BYN). But take my word for it: there is not much to do there. This is the most boring part of the castle.

Total: the minimum cost of a trip to the World is 38 rubles (12+12+14 BYN). And in Nesvizh – 29 rubles and 30 kopecks.

Heroes of the second plan

Nesvizh or Mir: which castle is better?

Nesvizh Town Hall

I know that Nesvizh and Mir are primarily castles. But in one and the other town, there are several interesting places that can be considered a sort of aperitif before the main course.

In Nesvizh, in addition to the castle, you can see:

  • City Hall with a museum;
  • “Slutsk Brama”
  • And the beautiful Church of God bodies”, located near the shore of a small lake.

In summer, fairs of Belarusian craftsmen often take place there. Boats float on the water surface. And this creates its own special atmosphere in the city.

Nesvizh or Mir: which castle is better?

In the world in this regard, everything is much more modest. In my memory, he remained a place where cows peacefully walk around the field near the castle. And someone's garden is spread out near the old Jewish gymnasium.

But there are some sights here too. Right in the center of the village stands a huge St. Nicholas Church (which, however, is now closed for renovation)…

Nesvizh or Mir: which castle is better ?

There are several old buildings on the square next to it…

Nesvizh or Mir: which castle is better?

And a little further away is the Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity, built in the 16th century.

Nesvizh or Mir: which castle is better ?

Not far from the Mir Castle itself there is a small chapel with the tomb of the Svyatopolk-Mirsky family.

< p>Nesvizh or Mir: which locks are better? /></p>
<p>For a village with a population of 2000 inhabitants – quite a good set. Therefore, we will assume that in this round we have a draw. You can read about these places in the article at the link below.</p>
<h3 style=Which castle is more beautiful?

Nesvizh or Mir: which castle is better?

Nesvizh is more romantic. The world is more brutal. The first one is surrounded by a beautiful park, so I liked photographing it more. But the breath of antiquity in the Mir Castle is felt stronger. I don't know… I think each of them is good in its own way. Therefore, we will do without unambiguous estimates here.

Nesvizh or Mir: which castle is better?

What about hotels?

Nesvizh is a rather small town. But even against its background, the village of Mir seems quite a crumb. I counted exactly 3 hotels and several private estates here. And I didn't find any of them on major international booking sites.

Nesvizh or Mir: which castle is better?

Therefore, in this category, I would give my vote to Nesvizh. I think it would be much better for a romantic weekend. There is a very nice hotel “Bialystok”, where we once spent the night with Tanya.

Nesvizh or Mir: which castle is better ?

And a few guest houses, for more budget trips. You can see them here on this page.

I also liked the hotel in the Nesvizh castle more than its counterpart in the Mir castle. I understand that interior aesthetics is a relative thing. But the prices in the Nesvizh hotel “Palace” are slightly lower. And the choice of rooms is better.

Nesvizh or Mir: which castle is better ?

Restaurants and cafes

I once picked delicious apples in the World that hung right over the fence. Therefore, I do not want to scold him very much now. But most of the establishments there resemble good canteens.

Nesvizh or Mir: which castle is better?

More or less good seemed to me only the cafe “Prince's Court”. But in Nesvizh, things are still a little better with public catering. I liked the Hetman restaurant. Not Pinky Bandinsky, of course. But I didn't expect anything like that from Nesvizh.

For good coffee and desserts, you can visit Teplo and Pon-Pause coffee houses. And for pizza and burgers – in the craft bar “D Grill”. In their areas, these are the best establishments in the city.

In short, Nesvizh wins outright in this category. There's nothing even to compare here.

How to visit both cities at once?

Nesvizh or Mir: which castle is better?

I started with these words. And with the same words I want to end this story. If possible, be sure to visit both castlesso that you can honestly form your opinion about them later. As you understand, I liked Nesvizh more. But Mir is definitely a place worth seeing.

As I said, both of these cities can be easily reached from Minsk. But they are very weakly related to each other. Therefore, you will either have to drive a car or buy a tour.

If you are ready to visit them in turn, then read the two articles below.

  • City of Nesvizh and the most beautiful castle in Belarus
  • How to get to Mir Castle? 2 options to choose from

They will help you build your travel itinerary.

And in continuation of the topic, I will give here several excursions to Mirsky and Nesvizh castles. Today, such trips cost from 100 rubles.

What other castles in Belarus are worth visiting?

In my opinion, Mir and Nesvizh are the two most beautiful castles in our country. But in the third place in my ranking, I would put the Kossovsky castle. Going there in one day is also absolutely realistic.

Nesvizh or Mir: which castle is better?

The cost of excursions in Kossovo can be viewed below.

But in this article I wrote in detail how to get to this city on my own.

Another large castle is found in Lida. But it stands right in the middle of the city, surrounded by ordinary gray high-rise buildings. Therefore, it did not make much impression on me personally.

Nesvizh or Mir: which castle is better?

Going there (in my opinion) is worth it only if you want to visit Grodno with him. There is also an old castle there. And in terms of the number of preserved ancient monuments, this city ranks first in Belarus.

Nesvizh or Mir: which castle is better?

I wrote in detail about how to organize a trip to Grodno in this article. There will be an overview of restaurants, viewing platforms and many juicy photos of this Belarusian city. Read it for sure. And also write in the comments, which castle in Belarus did you like the most? Well, I'll say goodbye for now. Subscribe to my instagram – and stay in touch!

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