Never Too Late: Grandma Goes Back To School At The Age Of 99

Never Too Late: Grandma Goes Back To School At The Age Of 99

Eusebia Leonor Cordal, 99, attends the Primary School for Adults of Laprida.

A woman from Argentina is winning hearts online for her decision to go back to school at the age of 99. Eusebia Leonor Cordal had to drop out of school at a young age, reportsTelecinco. After the loss of her mother and other family problems, a young Eusebia had to give up her books. Now, years after she dropped out of school, Eusebia has decided to attend the Primary School for Adults of Laprida and continue her education.

Sputnik News reports that she made the decision to resume her education at the age of 98 – and hasn’t missed a day of school since then. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, one of her teachers, Patricia, picks her up and takes her to school.

Old school! 99-year-old Argentine granny goes back to the books to fulfil dream

At 99 years of age, Eusebia Leonor Cordal has decided to go back to school. Leonor had to give up education when she was young because of family issues. Now she has started to attend the Laprida’s Primary School for Adults and hasn’t missed a day …

“When you get older you lose a lot of your memory. I knew the schedules very well, but when I came here I had forgotten everything, including how to write and read,” Eusebia was quoted as saying by Sputnik News.

She can now read and write again, and hopes to learn how to use computers.

Her inspirational story has touched many on the Internet, with netizens praising her as an example of strength and resilience.