“Scoop” on the ocean: an angry review about the rest in Cuba


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The reader of “Subtleties” Ekaterina has just returned from sunny Cuba, where she hoped to have a good rest. In short, expectations were not met. Details – in the review of the tourist.

We rested in December, the prices for tours are now the most favorable

That's why we decided to buy a tour. On ordinary, not New Year's Eve dates, tours to Cuba cost from 200 thousand: I can't imagine who pays that kind of money for this “scoop” on the ocean. We didn't like it, I don't think I'll come back to this country again.1/1

We rested at the Roc Barlovento Hotel, Varadero

Tour cost 138 thousand for 9 nights, a married couple, all-inclusive meals. The flight is direct, but 15 hours in the air is very hard. The flight was delayed by 4.5 hours, on the way back we had to wait a little less for the flight, about three hours, but before a long journey, these hours of waiting are very exhausting.

At the airport, everything is fast, half an hour – and you are on the bus. Cubans are still afraid of covid, even though there are no checks at the airport. But there are a lot of people wearing masks and shying away from tourists.

About Varadero

There is nothing to do in the city: several establishments with food of dubious quality. There is also the House of Roma, such as a museum, it will be interesting even for non-drinkers, there are also a couple of houses in the colonial style. That's all – most of the city is in a deplorable state.

The hotel is terrible

Even the Egyptian “fours” are much better than the Cuban ones. All the furniture is old, in ruins.

The staff is rude, lazy and always drunk.

The contingent of vacationers is a nightmare. Local youth who drink all day, European tourists (half of them are non-traditional couples), and all this diversity is complemented by our tourists like Tagil, who turn on the chanson in the columns on the beach. Before that, we flew to rest in Mexico – and this is heaven and earth! Yes, it is a little more expensive there, but the rest itself is 5 times better than in Cuba, in all respects. 1/1

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