Soon, a Ram circuit to link tourist destinations in Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka

India today conclave south

If things go as planned, you will soon be able to exploit religious destinations in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka under a specially designed circuit for tourists. The Tamil Nadu government is preparing a proposal that will be sent to the Centre on developing a ‘Ram circuit’. The circuit will link all locations associated with the Ramayan.

Speaking at the third edition of India Today Conclave South, Additional Chief Secretary, Tourism, Tamil Nadu, Apurva Verma said the proposed circuit will also link destinations in Sri Lanka.

When asked why Tamil Nadu does not have the same brand recall value as Kerala and Andaman and Nicobar Islands, he said the state government is branding tourism in Tamil Nadu under the brand ‘Enchanting Tamil Nadu’.

He said, “Tamil Nadu has everything except desert and snow. We have beautiful beaches, astounding architecture and hill stations.”

Speaking about the tourist footfall in the state, Verma said in 2017, nearly 33.50 crore domestic tourists and 49 lakh foreign tourists visited Tamil Nadu.

“Even if you are non-religious person, it is worth visiting the temples of Tamil Nadu,” he said.

When asked why Tamil Nadu lags in comparison to Goa, Rajasthan and others, he said, “The role of tour operators plays a major role. Traditionally, the north has been more promoted. Be it the Taj Mahal, Rajasthan or Shimla. But we are trying to change things.