South Korea introduces new visas


In 2023, two new types of visas will be introduced – K-culture and Workcation .jpg” alt=”South Korea introduces new visas” />

Korea has approved the sixth Tourism Development Master Plan, designed to restore the pandemic-hit travel industry from 2023 to 2027. It aims to attract 30 million travelers annually and generate $3 billion in tourism revenue by 2027. This figure is more than in 2019 ($17.5 million).

Two new types of visas – K-culture and Workcation, according to the All Korea Telegram channel. In addition, next year the authorities intend to improve the K-ETA e-Visa system.

The K-culture study visa will be issued to young foreigners who are interested in Korean culture and intend to learn more about the country's entertainment industry. The visa will be approved provided that the applicant completes an educational or training program in this field, such as a K-pop agency.

Workcation visa (or digital nomad visa) will be issued for two years to foreign travelers who plan to stay in Korea while working remotely as an employee of a company from their home country.

It is also reported that the government is going to soften the rules for the employment of foreigners in the hotel and tourism business. The number of vacancies for workers from abroad with an E-7 visa in hotels will be increased from two to five people. Those foreigners studying in Korea for a bachelor's degree with a D-2 visa will be allowed to work up to 30 hours a week (currently the limit is 10 to 15 hours).

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