Thailand again updated the entry conditions from January 9, 2023


It will be possible to come to Thailand from January 9 without a vaccination certificate, detailed information on tests for covid is not yet available

Thailand again updated the entry conditions from January 9, 2023

Russian airlines in On the night of January 7 to 8, we received an updated NOTAM, just a day after the previous telegram. According to the text of the new message, entry into Thailand from January 9 will be possible not only with a vaccination certificate, but also with a PCR test. There is no official order yet. It is expected on Monday, January 9th.

Airlines received a new telegram (NOTAM) on January 8th, updating the previous scheduled entry rules for Thailand announced on January 7th. The new data states that tourists unable to provide a vaccination certificate will be required to be tested for covid upon arrival in Thailand.

Thus, the telegram to airlines dated January 7, where they were supposed to be allowed to Boarding only vaccinated tourists is no longer relevant.

AZUR air became the first Russian airline to update the rules on its website. The data on the S7 website has also been updated. At the same time, the data on the Aeroflot website has not yet been updated.

“Dear passengers! From January 9, 2023, flying to Thailand will be possible not only upon presentation of a vaccination certificate or a certificate of recovery, but also upon passing a PCR test upon arrival in Thailand. These rules apply to passengers over 18 years old,” AZUR air reports with reference to the received updated NOTAM.

The S7 website provides information that the covid test upon arrival will be paid. The cost is 200 baht (430 rubles). Moreover, according to the S7 website, testing will be selective. Information about what format the test itself will be and what will happen to tourists who receive a positive result is not yet available. These and other questions will be removed by an official order, the publication of which is expected on Monday, January 9.

The insurance situation remains unclear. In the new NOTAM, information on them does not differ from the previous telegram. It said:

“Tourists arriving from countries whose rules do not allow return to the country in case of infection with COVID -19 must have health insurance covering the period of rest and more + 7 days”.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) asked to wait for an official order with all the nuances of the new entry rules. Including from it, the answer to the question of whether such insurance is mandatory for Russians should become clear.

On the website of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) there are still no changes in the rules for entering Thailand no.

“All covid restrictions have been lifted as of September 30, 2022,” the IATA website says so far. Probably the information there will also be updated after the publication of the official order in Thailand.

Whether certificates with an expired validity period (more than 1 year) are suitable is not yet known. Nothing is explicitly said about this in the NOTAM text.

If we take the entry rules that existed during the pandemic, then Thailand did not have conditions to limit the validity period. How it will be this time is not yet clear.

At the same time, S7 Airlines has already informed its passengers that it will not impose a “1 year” requirement on the validity of the certificate.

 “Vaccination can be completed at any time (even more than a year ago), but not earlier than 14 days before entering Thailand,” the carrier's website says.

Following the airlines, some major tour operators have also updated the leaflets on the rules for entering Thailand today. In particular, Biblio-Globus recalled that in the absence of a vaccination certificate or a certificate of contraindications, tourists will be asked to undergo PCR testing upon arrival in Thailand and pay its cost – 200 baht. If the result is positive, you will have to go for treatment. It will be free only for those who have the appropriate insurance (Aeroflot writes the same in its memo). Pegas Touristik regarding insurance reports that the amount of coverage must be at least 10,000 USD for treatment from COVID- 19 per stay + 7 days.

In any case, the ability to replace the vaccination certificate with a PCR test is great news, especially for tourists who do not have certificates and plan to fly to Thailand in the coming days.< /p>

Otherwise, if the vaccination certificate were the only prerequisite, this would lead to numerous cancellations of purchased tours.

At the same time, the experts do not they exclude that the current restrictions, even with tests for covid upon arrival, will significantly reduce the flow of Russian tourists into the country (especially against the backdrop of many countries where there have been no restrictions for a long time).

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