The Chinese are delighted: 5 of our performers who are fans of China


 The Chinese are delighted: 5 of our performers who are fans of China

Music has firmly connected Russia and China: the inhabitants of the eastern country know and love not only our classics and folk songs, but also the hits of modern singers. They collect stadiums, their clips are shown on the air of the largest TV channels, and in some places they even erect monuments. We talk about Russian stars who conquered the multi-million Chinese audience.

1. Mumiy Troll

A rock band from Vladivostok practically opened up China for our performers: back in the early 2000s, they went on a tour of the cities of the Middle Kingdom and became participants in the Beijing Pop festival. The leader of the Mumiy Troll, Ilya Lagutenko, not only speaks, but also sings in Chinese without the slightest accent: he studied this language at school, and later improved it at the Faculty of Oriental Studies of the Far Eastern University and in Dalian, China. For more than 15 years, the musicians have been performing in the country, releasing albums there, and performing the song “Flow” in Chinese.

2. Vitas

For his unusually high voice, the Chinese gave Vitas the amazing title of “King of Dolphin Sounds”, and in 2009 they awarded him the title of People's Artist of the People's Republic of China. His annual tour gathers tens of thousands of fans, the singer's Chinese fan club has more than 1 million people.

The love story began 15 years ago when Vitas first performed on the Chinese stage with the song “Opera No. 2”. Since then, his solo concerts are regularly held in major Chinese cities, and clips do not leave the TV screens. The actor starred in two Chinese films – “Mulan” and “The Great Deed of the Founding of the Party.” Moreover, a monument to Vitas was erected in Shanghai – a three-meter bronze figure with gills around his neck and an accordion in his hands.

3. Silver

Trio “Silver” was originally created as a project focused on an Asian audience, and the girls lived up to expectations: in 2017, they took part in the popular Chinese talent show Born to be U5 and won the love of the audience. The pop group performed the song “Mi Mi Mi”, and then secured their position in the dance competition and solo performance. “Silver” is the first foreign team that performed in this television project and was recognized by its results as the best girl band. Do you know why the Chinese love Russian candies?

4. Polina Gagarina

Although Polina Gagarina did not manage to win the Chinese competition of professional singers Singer, the singer reached the final and won the hearts of the Chinese by performing “Katyusha”, “Cuckoo” by Tsoi and the song “A Million Voices”, with which she took second place at Eurovision “. Polina sang not only in English, but also in Chinese: for this, she studied it with a tutor for several months. To participate in the competition, Gagarina had to fly to China every week, and after she ran out of free pages in her passport, the star simply received a residence permit in China.

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5. Elena Knyazeva

Elena Knyazeva, aka Belka, went to conquer China right after the release of her debut album in Russia. In huge stadiums, she performed Russian songs in Chinese, the song “Perfect day” and the hit of the Chinese singer Amy Mao in the Russian version. According to Knyazeva, it was much easier to win the recognition of the Chinese public than to succeed at home, and soon she was offered to sign a long-term contract and stay in the country. But, despite the love for the Middle Kingdom, the singer and actress chose to live and work in Russia.

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