The Japanese and dogs: not just clean up after the pet on the street, but also wash the asphalt


Japanese and dogs: not just clean up after the pet on the street, but also wash the asphalt

Unlike many countries in Japan, the issue of dog excrement has been completely resolved and is not subject to further discussion: the owners resignedly collect everything that the pet excreted during the walk and take it with them. Apart from the fact that they are doing some kind of everyday feat – this is absolutely in the order of things. The answer to the question “why with you?” is also very simple – the number of trash cans on the streets of Japanese cities was drastically reduced after the terrorist attack on the subway in 1995. They began to be perceived as potentially dangerous, convenient for repeating attacks – and therefore they were removed, and the remaining ones were made transparent. There are very few special places for walking dogs where they can run without a leash in Japan, so you have to walk in parks and along ordinary streets.

But foreigners are especially surprised that the Japanese not only clean up after their dogs, but also wash the asphalt if the pet has urinated. They always carry water bottles with them to ensure cleanliness in every situation. Some owners use rubber mats to keep the surface of the ground clean. To pick up excrement and flush it down the toilet at home, the Japanese use special double bags: paper inside and plastic outside. There are no fines for leaving dog waste on the street; the Japanese follow these rules entirely of their own free will.

Perhaps this is due to the peculiarities of Shintoism and Buddhism, which are widespread in Japan. In these religions, cleanliness is very important and is equated with good, while dirt symbolizes evil. Therefore, the Japanese are, in principle, very clean, and the fact that they clean up after their pets is another manifestation of the general principles of their behavior.

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