The stewardess told about the most cringe requests of passengers


The stewardess spoke about the most critical passenger requests

The profession of a flight attendant is full of surprises: you never know what this or that passenger will ask you for. Usually these are not the kind of requests from which even Google would blush, but battered flight attendants can drive some requests into a stupor. “Subtleties” learned from a flight attendant of one of the well-known companies what strange requests airline passengers do not hesitate to voice.


The predictable leader in this cringe hit parade is the demand to transfer the flyer to another seat. Often this can be heard from very tall people. They motivate their applications by the fact that they are uncomfortable sitting in ordinary economy class seats and that they will be more comfortable in business class or at least in seats with more legroom. The stewards warn: the passenger must choose and pay for a seat before the flight, as well as take care of their comfort. No one will transfer a passenger just because he believes that he is entitled to privileges. Sometimes tall passengers resourcefully demand to drop their neighbors in order to be able to sit in two or three places at once. The key word here is demand. Politeness and the ability to win over sometimes work wonders.

Change food

Another popular request is to give the passenger some other dish, and not this “chicken or fish”, or even cook something right on board – in a hurry. Not everyone is aware that scheduled airliners are not equipped with kitchens, and prepared food is loaded on board in certain quantities. Special meals, like special places, must be ordered in advance of the flight.


Another obviously impossible request is to light candles on a birthday cake for a passenger in honor of his birthday. Do I need to specify that both the cake and candles, according to such travelers, should always be on the plane. “It’s like we’re a party shop and not a metal pipe flying thousands of feet above the ground,” the flight attendant remarks. However, even if you take a cake with candles with you, you still won’t be allowed to light them: safety rules clearly prohibit this. And it also happens that passengers notice a celebrity on the plane, but are embarrassed to approach her for an autograph – and ask the flight attendants about it. This is also impossible. At least because the flight attendants are on board in order to provide comfort to passengers, and not bother them over trifles – whoever they are.

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Phone ;)

And Another point that flight attendants (and above all, of course, flight attendants) ask the adherents of the “air pickup” to pay attention to. Do not ask them for their personal phone numbers or, even worse, ask for the name of the hotel where they will spend the next night. Such requests cause nothing but bewilderment and hostility.

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