There will be no Christmas strike. Agreed with airport staff


There will be no Christmas strike. Agreed with airport employees

According to CCOO, a protest action by airport employees will not take place, as the parties to the conflict were able to reach an agreement after negotiations with the management of Aena and the Spanish Ministry of Transport.

Now that an agreement has been reached, travelers planning to reach Spain over Christmas and New Year's Day will no longer have to worry about travel chaos as flights will operate as normal.

The reason another staff strike was the refusal of management to pay employees a bonus for labor productivity, which is due when the company receives a profit. Such a bonus is written into their employment contracts.

Announcing the cancellation of the strike, CCOO said earlier this week that the airport staff bonus should be returned as the number of travelers began to increase again. It is emphasized that during the difficult months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the union did not make such requests.

The improvement in air traffic in the country was confirmed by Francisco José Casado Moreno, General Secretary of CCOO Aena. The Secretary General of the CCOO said last week that air traffic had recovered to 2019 levels and stressed that some Spanish airports had already exceeded pre-pandemic levels.

According to the Spanish Ministry of Tourism, Spain was visited in October this year almost 2 million international tourists, representing 94.6 percent of the total number of tourists in the same period in 2019.

During this time, foreign tourists spent more than 8 million euros during their stay in Spain.

The largest flow of tourists was recorded in Spain from the UK, Germany and France. Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and Madrid received the largest number of tourist arrivals in October 2022.

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